Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Really, Really Delicious Chinese Cuisine

Since Maui doesn't have any GREAT Chinese restaurants, I make tracks to high-end Chinese restaurants when I travel. This is the latest one I sampled at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas where we stayed on our recent vacation: Wing Lei.

At one end of the restaurant is a Botero sculpture and 100-year-old pomegranate trees. The seating is elegant as is the total restaurant. The service is peerless, and the food quite divine! If you want to treat yourself in Las Vegas, this is the place to do it!

I'm sorry I don't have ALL the photos of the delicious food...what happens when delicious food is placed in front of me is that I quite often forget to take a photograph and instead dive right on in! :Smile:

Walk with me down the hallway and into the entrance....

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Love the blog, makes me hungry for good Chinese food!
that restaurant looks amazing, The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas is by far my favorite hotel, and now they are also building the "Encore"
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