Thursday, September 13, 2007


Praising Portland

My partner and I are beginning to relax on our journey. It has taken us awhile, but the vacation magic is kicking-in. Right now we're in Portland, Oregon...our first time to visit this lovely city. We have enjoyed our visit here immensely. The food has been divine, and every meal we've had has been superlative. Everyone we've had contact with has been friendly and personable. We've been driving and exploring, and (knock on wood), thus far we haven't got lost once! Today we visited the Japanese Gardens and the Grotto, both large acres of wooded sanctuaries with trails and attractions in different parts of Portland, and both of them lifted our spirits higher. The Meditation Center at the Grotto was simply amazing. If you ever visit Portland, this is one place I would recommend as a must-see.

I've taken so many photos of the incredibly beautiful places we've visited which I'll upload and post once we return home. Yesterday we explored downtown Portland and Powell's Bookstore, the largest independent bookstore in the United States--several hours there don't even begin to cut it--if you're a bookaholic like myself, you would need weeks to delve into the shelves of used and new books in this city-block long, multi-storied famous bookstore.

So many people have moved to Maui from Portland, and they've aroused our curiosity about Portland with their stories. They said it rains a lot, but we've lucked out with beautiful weather. Actually, I like a little bit of rain, so I wouldn't mind if it did rain while we're here.

We read in one of the many local publications that Portland has worn awards as the "greenest" city in America because of its ecological awareness and practices. And from what I've observed thus far, Portland is a very conscious, hip city.

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I have noticed that when I leave my state, the people in other states are so much more friendly, the food is better the atmosphere is pleasing.. this is every time I go and everywhere I go and I go a lot of places.. I think I'll just spend the rest of my life traveling the world.. I wish.. on this budget...? lol..
Can't wait to see those photos! I'm jealous you were at Powells. I get to them online, but no closer! Glad you're enjoying your vacation.

Happy blog your blessings Sunday!
I've always wanted to visit Portland! The pictures of Oregon always seem so green and so pretty, and then there's the coast ...

I hope you're loving it!
Glad you're enjoying Portland. We spent a few days there a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. It's a very livable city and then as soon as you're outside the city it's mountains and beautiful scenery.
I've never heard anything but nice words about Portland. I'll have to get out there sometime and check it out. Happy Vacation!!!
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