Sunday, September 30, 2007


A Perfect Day At The Beach On Maui

Yesterday was The perfect day for the beach as hardly anyone was there but adorable babies (and their Maui Mamas), dogs, and us! My suspicion is that everyone was at the Maui County Fair. The water was perfect and warm, it was just what I needed to float away my long journey to the Mainland. There's nothing better than floating in warm ocean water to reclaim that Island Vibe!

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Adorable photo!
Oh, that is NOT fair!!!!

*stomping with my feet hard in the ground*

I wanna be there too... We have damp and cold and rain here. *sigh*

So to warm up, we have an oktoberfest today and tomorrow, a blogwarming party later and, mark your calendar for the Halloween celebrations!

Read more here:
Lifecruiser Halloween Party For All Bloggers

Be sure to bring all scary creatures you know of ;-)
Great picture of the baby on the beach.

I love the Maui County Fair! Wish I were there right now!
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