Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Maui Is Always EXTRA Beautiful Upon Return

Photo: terragalleria

One of the things I've always noticed upon returning to Maui after a journey is that Maui looks So Fine! Maui's emerald green foliage looks greener than green. The ever-changing blue skies and cobalt blue ocean appear even more vivid! The colors of the flowers are striking in their intensity. These are the colors I've become used to while living here, and it takes returning to once again view resplendent Maui in Technicolor!

Certainly I don't try to take Maui for granted, and I'm well aware how blessed I am to live in Paradise. And yet, the perceptions get dulled after a while, and I need the contrast of other places to re-ignite my full appreciation of the awesome beauty in which I'm immersed.

The icing on the cake of the Return To Maui is the weather. The evenings are cool again, and the air conditioning doesn't need to run all day long. Yeh! The best seasons, my favorite seasons, are the Fall and Winter months....and they are on their way!

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Love Maui , always feel good to return as well!
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