Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm Back....But Barely!

We returned home to Maui several days ago from our wondrous vacation, and as usual, I scurried around to play the game of 'catch-up' with emails, phone calls, bill payments, mail, making appointments, and other assorted errands! However, the third day (today), our long trip finally caught up with me, and I crashed and burned. My body had enough, and all I wanted to do was sleep all day!

Something happened to me in Las Vegas, the last leg of our journey, and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to check it out. I'll share more once I know more.

I'll share some photos of one of my favorite places of the trip with lots more photos in other posts. Today's photos were taken in Portland, Oregon.

We made a trip across Portland to visit the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, THE GROTTO, a beautiful 62 acre retreat near the center of the city. "Lush green firs towers over colorful rhododendron and other native Pacific Northwest flora as you walk toward the central plaza and the heart of the sanctuary--our Lady's Grotto--a magnificent rock cave carved into the base of a 110 foot cliff. A marble replica of Michelangelos' famous Pieta is featured in its center." Click here for more info.

The entire grounds were amazing, beautiful, and sanctified, and we wished we could have spent the whole day walking the many pathways there. But by far, the MOST intense place for us was the Marilyn Moyer Meditation Chapel on the upper level which faces out upon a panorama of Portland and the Columbia River. On a clear day you can see Mt. Rainier visible in the distance
as well as Mt. St Helens.

When we walked into the spacious meditation chapel, no one else was there but us. There are beautiful, comfortable chairs to mediate facing the windows and the lifelike sculpture (shown below) of Mary and Jesus sculpted by the American artist John De Andrea. The artist used a "polyester resin and fiberglass technique for creating incredibly realistic human figures."

My partner and I each sat on opposite sides of the room to meditate, and later on, we shared what we had experienced in our meditations--and it was nearly identical. We both felt blazing light surrounding us and the experience of a holy presence which had uplifted us. Indeed, this meditation place is supremely special, and if you ever get to Portland, I would highly recommend taking the time to meditate there.

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Welcome back! I hope all goes well at the doctor! Thanks for sharing the cool photos.
Beautiful pictures of the Grotto! I've never been there. I rarely get into Portland, especially since I've been widowed, but it sounds like a neat place to go. I used to go up to the Mt. Angel Abbey not far from me to meditate sometimes, too. It's on a small hill in the Willamette Valley and it is truly a beautiful spot.
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