Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Under A Maui Moon

Yes, I managed to keep my eyes open for the Total Lunar Eclipse! Yes, it was spectacular! However,the Moon didn't turn a bright copper--more of a muddy orange. But NO, none of my photos turned out good enough to post! My 'professional photographer' girlfriend (who slept soundly during the eclipse ) told me today what I should have done to capture the eclipse--photo lighting tips which arrived many hours too late.

I had a front row seat to observe the eclipse from our back deck. The stars twinkled overhead as I observed the umbral shadow slowly divide the Full Moon. No noises disturbed the peaceful night--not even a breeze rattled the palm fronds of our tall palm trees on our property. Magical!

Did anyone capture the eclipse in photos?

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I wish I'd seen it. I understand here it was visible at 3 a.m. and I just didn't have enough energy to set my alarm and get up to see it.
I'm sorry your photos didn't come out ok. That will make your memories of the event that much more valuable. I bet it was amazing!
I had no idea there was an eclipse coming until after it was come and gone :-(
I fell asleep, sorry. I wish I would have this site
I slept through the whole thing... wah.
Oh man, my daughter and I were so upset, because, it was so cloudy here that we couldn't see it!

I'm glad that you got to enjoy it, though - that's really cool! :)
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