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Thursday Thirteen-Memories of Elvis

Today is the 30th Anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, and I think it's a great day for folks to share an Elvis memory on my blog contest. Click here to enter the contest.

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I heard on the tv last evening an interview with Linda Thompson, one of Elvis's girlfriends for a long time. She said (and I paraphrase) that Elvis was extremely fond of Hawaii and was one of his favorite places.

Elvis has a big fan in Hana (Maui), and at her roadside jewelry and gift store, she has parked an Elvis car which truly is amazing. Here's a photo of the hood of it.
So here's MY THIRTEEN Memories ABOUT ELVIS and about the song he's singing on my contest (hey, I'm entering my own contest!):

1. his amazing, sexy dance moves
2. his handsome face--especially the early years
3. his touching way of singing the famous Don Ho song "I'll Remember You"
4. his larger-than-life stage presence--charisma!
5. his spirituality
6. his generosity
7. his flamboyance
8. his talent
9. his gift of touching the hearts of others
10. his voice--oh what a voice!
11. his many loves
12. his choice of songs and movies

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o yes - his voice!
Awesome list. I love Elvis. Although I think I'd replace "I'll Remember You" with "Love Me Tender"
I totally didn't realize it was the 30th anniversary of elvis's death.

No wonder i saw so many TT's about him. :P

He was definitely the king!
I LOVE(D) his movies.
Of course, I was a year old when he died but I still love to watch his movies!
Thanks for visiting my tt-travel!
I'll be sure to check back often as you live in one of my most dreamed of places!
Wow, I was four when he died. His music definitely stands the test of time.

Great list!
Man, he had the sexiest voice, like silk! I have to have a listen tonight!

Happy TT!
He did have a wonderful voice and was very handsome. I love his version of "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You".
So not an elvis fan, but great list!
Now I know why E! was showing all those shows on Elvis this week lol.Happy TT day to you.
It's only fitting to do an elvis tribute today - clever!

BTW, Mauai is SOOOO beautiful and I'm ultra-envious you live there.

We've visited a few times and just love it!!
He was very handsome! Meow.
Good list. :) Trying to convince Hub we need to take a pilgrimage to Graceland sometime.
Great list, Elvis is an icon, that will live on escaping time. I love the photos as well!
I am glad I saw this because I couldn't work out why there were so many Elvis posts---didn't realize it's the anniversary of his death.

My favorite Elvis song was one he recorded under another name (Terry Stafford I THINK). I've no idea why, and I wasn't ever a fan, but my mother had this 45 called "Play with Fire" or "Playing with Fire." He sounds like Elvis, she told me. Later I learned that it WAS Elvis (don't I wish I had that 45 now?)
Well, he certainly were big. A big singer and a big crush for many :-)

Me, I was too young... (big smile)

If you're curious of my secret island:
Follow Lifecruiser 13 Secret Steps
Mmm. Yep, me the headbanger is an Elvis fan. How can you not be???

That car IS amazing. I'd love to see it in person.

Always glad to see you stop by!! I'd have been by earlier, but it's been a CRAZY day (and that's being kind about it)!!
This is the 3rd Elvis tribute TT I've visited today. I loved Elvis and was glad to find yours! It's impossible to pick a favorite Elvis tune. I've already mentioned "How Great Thou Art", "Wooden Heart" and "Teddy Bear", but here's a few more for your TT:
"Crying in the Chapel"
"Can't Help Falling in Love"
"That's Alright Mama"
I have never been a fan of Elvis as a man, as a Teenager I even found him too effeminated ! He wasn't my man idol at all (That was Rock Hudson !) Today I also find him handsome, that must be my age !
But I have always loved his voice and songs for that I really am still an Elvis fan !
It's a pity that these money suckers killed him.
I also loved Elvis.
I was a little young for Elvis - I am a Beatles era person (I was 9 when the Beatles had their first hits). Of course he had some hits in the later 60's and 70's too. I do remember where I was when the news came that he had died. I was at work (my second job out of school) and my boss was about 14 years older than I was, so she was very attached to Elvis and was really upset when he died. It did seem like the end of an era and I was sad too.

BTW, I tried to click on the contest but it said Page Not Found. Perhaps the link isn't working?
I also remember where I was when I heard the news. I actually had never been a huge Elvis fan, but I was shocked. My sister and I were traveling back to college in Missouri from our home in Texas when we heard it on the radio. 42 years old--that's way too young to die.

Kuanyin, thanks for stopping by my TT! You are certainly blessed to live in such a beautiful place.
I didn't like Elvis much as a youngster (he died when I was 10) but as an adult, I truly can appreciate what a talented and unique individual he was.
I loved Elvis as a kid. Don't Cry Daddy used to always bring tears to my face, remembering my lost little bro :-)
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