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Thursday Thirteen--Early Adopters

Yesterday I explained to my partner what the term "early adopters" means as he wasn't familiar with it. For the sake of those who are reading this who may not be familiar with it either, I will define the term before listing 13 things of which I'm an early adopter.

This definition of an early adopter is from What Is:

"An early adopter is a person who embraces new technology before most other people do. Early adopters tend to buy or try out new hardware items and programs, and new versions of existing programs, sooner than most of their peers. According to a theory called Diffusion of Innovations (DoI) formulated by Everett Rogers, early adopters make up 13.5 percent of the population.

Early adopters, while eager to explore new options in technology, are not the most daring, and are not especially prone to taking risks. That role, according to Rogers, is played by a small minority of people called innovators. Only one person in 40 is of this type. They are the people most likely to conceive and develop new methodologies and technologies, and who often end up running large IT corporations or founding new ones.

Early adopters and innovators have counterparts, known as laggards and Luddites, at the opposite end of the human spectrum. Laggards are slow or reluctant to embrace new technology because of disinterest or financial constraints. Luddites actively fear or loathe new technology, especially those forms they believe threaten existing jobs."

I'm an Early Adopter blended with a Cultural Creative.

Here's how I'm an early adopter (having used most of these technologies and gadgets for a while)

1. I have multiple blogs and websites, two squidoos, one Tumblr, one Twitter, one Stumble page, and engage in countless social networking sites.

2. Cell phone with camera and email

3. Wear and carry several objects of protection against electropollution such as BioPro

4. Car with inbuilt Mp3 attachment and Satellite Radio reception

5. Relax daily on a Chi Machine

6. Digital camera(s)

7. iRobot by Roomba

8. Ionic Conditioning Quiet Hair Dryer

9. Air Purifier

10. MBT Sandals

11. Magellan Portable GPS

12. Flip Video Camera

13. Philip Stein Tesla watch

Next week I'm planning a list of ancient technologies I employ.

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I think I'm maybe not so much an adopter, since I haven't heard of half those things. LOL

Great TT. :)
i myself would probably be considered a laggard since i don't employ much new technology but it is not because i fear it. mostly disinterest. sometimes because of money. i am looking forward to your ancient technology 13.
I used to be an early adopter--this will change as you age, and become comfortable with the technology that really benefits you. Having e-mail, blogs, a digital camera with a little program to manipulate, and a scanner is about as much as I want--even a cell phone holds little interest, and definitely not IM or i-pod. When I was working I got so tired of workshops to teach me some new program I'd never use.
I am more of the luddite persuasion on tech stuff ;)
I am an early adopter with a lot of things ( and yes I was familiar with the term already I even use it sometimes lol)
Happy TT day to you.
The Tour Manager and I were discussing Early Adoption. You'd think that with him employed in the tech world, he'd be more of an early adopter, but he's not.

My dad, though... THAT is another story.

Happy TT, K!
I think I'm a bit of an early adopter. I like new technology!
Thanks for visiting Maia's picture TT.
Wow! I'm sure I'm much more toward the Luddite end of the spectrum (anyone who hand-knits socks and hand-quilts would almost have to be) and with 5 children, three homeschooling and toddler twins I have no extra brain cells to figure out new technology. I'm glad to know that other people will do it though! Thanks for visiting me and happy Thursday!
In another life I would have been an early adopter, but in this one, not at all.

Thanks for visiting my TT!
Wow, you really are an early adopter! I thought I was good - I was on Prodigy back in 1990 and ordered CDs over the internet back then as well, so I thought that was pretty early adopter-ish. But I don't have an MP3 player or a lot of other new things so I think I've morphed into a less-early adopter! (I do have a digital camera though). I checked out those sandals you mentioned and was totally ready to order them till I saw the price tag! Are they really worth it? Are they super-comfortable? If they're worth it I'd try them!
I think I am sort of an early adopter, too. We got an iPhone a couple of weeks ago!
Thanks for stopping by. Does early adopter actually mean "girl geek"? That's how I look at it for myself anyway.

Have a great day!
Isn't technology great...well, when it works. LOL!

Happy TT!
Technologically, I'm waaaay behind you. Definitely not an "early adopter."
Kuanyin, you rock. Thanks so much for adding my blog to Squidoooooo!
Hi, Kuanyin:

No, I'm about as far from an early adopter as you can get. I have never owned a cell phone and don't plan on ever owning one in the future, either. I just got my first DVD player two years ago and someone had to give it to me as a gift for Christmas, otherwise I still wouldn't have one. No MP3 player, no Wii, no nothing. I don't even have a computer at home - I do all of my blogging during off-hours at my place of business.

I am, at heart, a dinosaur.
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