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Thursday Thirteen and Deliberations

For some time I've been observing and participating in other blogger's blog contests. And now I've decided to run a contest of my own, my FIRST contest. Because it's my first one, I've been deliberating about all the details of this upcoming contest. Be sure to check back here soon to enter the contest because I'm almost done deliberating and perhaps your feedback will help me to make my final decisions.

Today's Thursday Thirteen is 13 things I'm considering and deliberating about my contest:

1. Should I offer physical objects and prizes? Or should I offer an Amazon Gift Certificate? The second one would be easier for me to send to international contest winners.

2. Or should I offer more than one contest. One contest would be goodies I'd ship via Fed Ex. The other contest would be an Amazon gift certificate. And yet another could be....

3. Should one of the contest rules be to subscribe to this blog?

4. Or to fave this blog with Technorati?

5. Or to blog about this blog and mention a favorite post for another entry into the contest?

6. Or to link to this blog or another one of my blogs?

7. Do people REALLY like contests?

8. How long should I run the contest for? Weeks or a month or even more?

9. Should I broadcast this contest on sites like Blog Catalog or MyBlogLog?

10. Will this contest bring me more readers?

11. Will this contest cause me LOTS more work?

12. How generous should I be with my winning gifts or Amazon gift certificates?

13. Have the Dog Days of my Maui summer fried my brain? Just kidding! I do want to stir up some action though and have some more fun before summer is over. Tis true!

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Hey, I loved your post and will answer some of your questions but start with one of mine:

what is up with all these contests? For why are they?

1. Gift certificate...easier on all
2. Why offer any?
3-6 What happens to the non-winners? Do they get to trash the blog? That would suck.
7. Personally I hate contests, I never win
8. Can't help you there
9. The more the merrier if you are trying to get readers to come here
10. Dunno, I usually steer clear of the contest blogs because they freeze up my screen
11. I bet it does
12. How generous do you want to be? Only you can decide that
13. I don't know about you but my brains are definitely fried and scrambled
As a homeschool mother an amazon gift card in any amount would be welcome. There is always a textbook I want/need for our classroom.

And hey I just plain love books and Amazon has so much more then books these days.

Thanks for visiting my TT.
Hmm... I've also thought about running some kind of contest. You'll have to let me know how yours turns out.

I would think that Amazon certificates would certainly be easiest because of the whole e-mail thing vs. actually putting something in the mail-- let alone letting someone have your physical address.

But, it's up to you.

Good TT.
I've never hosted a contest on my blog & have not ever won a blog contest. Sorry, no advice here! But Happy TT, nonetheless :)
I guess I'm not that fond of contests but certain ones might pull me in.

By the way, when I visited my family on the coast of Massachusetts I weighed less than when I came home to the mountains. I think it was all the vacation food. So the theory didn't work for me.
1. Gift Certificates are so much easier
2. You could do that too.
3. I'm not even sure how to subscribe to a blog... I ussually just go check all the ones I like from bookmarks.
4. You can fave a blog with technorati?
5. Not everyone has blogs
6. Again...
7. Of course we do!!!
8. I would think about a month. More than that and people are going to forget about it.
9. I feel really out of the loop. I've never heard of these either.
10. I would think so.
11. I wouldn't think LOTS.
12. As generous as your budget is comfortable being and you want to be. ;)
13. At least you've got beaches! It's 100 here in our landlocked state! bleck That just has no redeeming quality!
My advice is simple: Do whatever YOU want to do and then see what happens. If it doesn't work for you the way you want it to, then fiddle with it. But try it completely YOUR way first.

We'll still like you :-)
1. Some folks won't give out their mailing addresses, and a gift cert. gets there immediately.
2. More than one will drive you nuts.
3. Yes.
4. that's good, too
5. linking is your "most beneficial" and gets the word out about the contest.
6. now you get complicated.
7. Your regulars will read anyway, a contest brings in new blood.
8. two weeks. people lose interest.
9. never tried it.
12. that's for YOU to decide
13. YES :-)

Now good luck with that. I have to go find links to all your other blogs!!!
1. The gift cert. sounds good!

2. Hey, more contests isn't something I'd complain about!

3. Maybe, but will everyone be able to particpate?

4. Sounds good!

5. This one's used the most, and I think it makes sense

6. Possibly.

7. I think so!

8. Short ones are my favorites :-)

9. I don't know those, actually.

10. Definitely

11. Probably not, especially if the prize is a gift cert that can be emailed.

12. As generous as isn't hard on your pocketbook.

13. Me, too!
How cool with an own contest!

God luck with it :-)

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You've had some excellent feedback here.

I wouldn't do more than 1 contest at a time. You've already created the interest with one to begin with, and wouldn't likely create additional readers by holding the second at the same time.

Like others have said here, gift certificates work great as the winner spends it on whatever suits their fancy. And no personal addie is revealed.
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