Friday, August 03, 2007


Thank Goddess For Cute!

When I dived into blogging in a 'serious' way one year ago, I began subscribing to other blogs which tickled my funny bone. Little did I know at the time I subscribed to them that they would be my life rafts on gloomy Maui days.

Yes, there are even gloomy days on Maui! It's hard to believe, but oh so true. Every summer my partner and I experience what is known as "Rock Fever", and we want to escape Maui as if it were a prison camp. We plot--we scheme--we dream--we pray "Get Us Off Maui!" Summer is the worst time to be on Maui and the season when Maui looks so depressing. This summer the Mokulele Highway is being worked-on, and thus, this once enchanting two-lane roadway looks ever so dreary because of the messy roadwork. And of course, the traffic is terrible because of this slowing-down from the road-work. I'm sure the County choose this low season for a reason, and I bless every dark-uniformed cop sweating in the summer's heat and all the workers as I drive by in my air-conditioned car.

Today was a difficult day for me. I left forty-five minutes early for an appointment which normally would only take me 20 minutes. However, I trust my intuition, and it told me to leave early. And the result was not good. I was on time. But the appointment ahead of me for my client was late! And what does this unprofessional Maui business woman do but make me wait a HALF HOUR for the late client to show up--and the late client doesn't even arrive for another ten minutes! When she finally arrives, the two talk story and take up more of my time even though I had been punctual! Grrr.....

All either of them had to do was say, "I'm sorry. I apologize." However, they lacked the courtesy and professionalism to do this much. Now I will be looking for someone else to take the place of this person. Next!

Many Maui business people are sorely lacking on customer service skills, and even though there are many excellent Maui business people, by far most have a lot to learn in this department.

This is where CUTE comes in! I subscribed to Cute Overload last year, and when you're as steamed up as I was about this finality and Maui b.s., I came home and looked in my email...and there it is--Cute Overload. I FEEL so much better.

Yes!!!! I'm hoping the skies clear from the rain of today so we can see more of the Perseid's Meteor Shower!

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Sorry you are having a bad day! That is a cute website, thanks for posting it. Will have to look into it when I'm feeling cranky!

I've never minded it when people take their time on Maui but of course I'm there as a tourist, not as a resident who is trying to accomplish things!
I live in Hilo and I experience those kinds of things too!! It takes so little for someone to just apologize and diffuse the tension, but common courtesy and common sense does not always exist.

Glad you found ways to help you get over being huhu sooner:)

P.S. I moved my blog over to typepad, please go check it out!
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