Friday, August 17, 2007


Summer's Last Hurrah

With the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance" (and the win of the darling female dancer Sabra!), with Maui kids back in school, and with Labor Day soon approaching, I'm aware that summer is almost over. And I'm ok with that! The summer of 2007 has zero resemblance to the Summer of Love 1967 as this summer has showcased paranoia on a national scale, witnessed the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, stock market dive, growing national discontent, rumors, and revelations of misconduct in every area you can imagine.

The two reality shows we've been watching this summer at our casa have been "So You Think You Can Dance", an uplifting, feel-good show, and "Big Brother", a non-feel-good show full of malice, deception, and pettiness. The two shows couldn't be more of a polar opposite, and now with the 'happy' show completed, we're left to live with the ugly one! We're now rooting for the emotional, sensitive Amber. We never would have thunk so at the beginning of the show that she would turn into our default.

My partner was so upset with what he calls the "stupidity" of the house when they didn't vote out Evil Dick when the other house guests had a chance that he said he wouldn't watch it anymore. However, I know this statement was hot air on his part. He's hooked! Big Brother is a bad train wreck of colliding characters-- most of the contestants reveal their worst qualities which makes this reality series inexplicably riveting to watch. Why are we watching it? Talk about stupidity! Never underestimate the public's desire for gawdawful tv.

Having been totally smitten by the fabulous performances of Danny on "So You Think You Can Dance", we'll have to carry his lovely energy with us in our hearts through these remaining, hot Dog Days of Summer. I'm so ready for Fall!

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Yep, This is no summer of love, and reality tv ( guilty pleasure ) can signify the fall. I do not know, I like So you think you Dance!, at least this reality show seems to be more positive!
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