Saturday, August 25, 2007


My First Chuckle Of The Morning

As I sat down at the computer this morning to read emails, I read a story in the New York Times online which I've subscribed to for many years. Having lived in Manhattan, I have great respect for the "paper of record". Even though I haven't seen a hard-copy paper version in a long time, I still get my NY fix by reading the Times.

What made me chuckle was how certain rebellious people-- when told they can't do something or told to NOT do something-- do exactly the opposite. We live in duality universe, and polarity always comes into play! This is why inventive renegades have worked to figure out how to switch the new iPhone from the locked-in AT&T contract to other cell phone carriers.

The August 25th NY Times article, "With Software and Soldering, a Non-AT&T iPhone", tells the story of different people who have figured out how to get around the rules. The first person mentioned is a 17-year-old! "It took 17-year-old George Hotz two months of work to undermine AT&T’s investment."

Human nature is very funny to me. How about you?

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I thought that was funny, too, when I heard it on the radio. That is going to create a huge black market for iphones in Europe. Enjoy your blog and take care!
Hehehe yes human nature can be quite interesting at time ... :)
This is what I call real creativeness and no one can control the power of the marked you know.
I do agree with Andrew - interesting to see how it influence the European marked and as I Norwegian I will follow this of course:-)
I think it is very inventive, they should hire him Mac was smart! i chuckled too, and said wowo now that is truly a story for my rebellious spirit!
I'm the same way (not that I could do what George Hotz did.)

Whenever somebody tells me that I can't do something, my very first impulse is to immediately do that thing, no matter how harmful it might be to me or others. I know this about myself, so I'm always wary of this tendency and try to think before acting, but it's definitely the way I am.
The majority of people of I know with iPhones are very happy with AT&T service.
That being said, innovation & ingenuity combined with excessive free time results some interesting accomplishments.
It's not really a problem for Apple because one would still have to purchase an iPhone to use it with any service provider. I also don't see it as a problem for AT&T either. Mainly because the majority of people will just use the iPhone with whatever carrier they have to. Additionally, I would be willing to bet that some of the features will not work when used with another carrier, at least not yet.
It's no different than any other phone really, I changed my Motorola Razr from one carrier to another. I understand Apple's reasoning for one particular provider, you would have to provide incentive for them to go along with technical changes to their system - and it does look as though it paid off.
And now, those adventurous enough to meddle in the guts of their iPhone have the freedom to use any carrier. I think that even with the recent price drop to $399 I will stick with AT&T at least until my warranty runs out.
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