Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hula For A Hot Maui Day

August seems to be moving ever so slowly, and I'm counting down the days until September and cooler weather. I've having to water the plants on our deck TWICE a day just so they don't fry. Sad to say, but even then, some have bit the dust. The sprinkler system in the yard is miraculously managing to keep most of our vegetation alive. Our 'giving' mango tree must LOVE the hot, windy weather because she has outdone herself in mango production this year. She has totally earned herself a Gold Star! We have been scarfing down mangoes and giving them away--and our tree just keeps giving us more!

My partner has begun wearing a baseball cap as he runs around in the daytime. This was the first year after twenty some odd years living in Hawaii that the sun is burning his head. We joke that now there are TWO suns!

Yet we remain in gratitude because people all over the world have it far worse than we do. The news is full of flooding, rain, tornadoes, and hurricanes. There's too much water there, and not enough here. Some of the news speaks of "weather wars". Our world is out of balance whether it's man made or natural.

Here's a beautiful hula video I discovered on YouTube which helps me to remember the Hawaiian culture and Maui I love:

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I really enjoyed watching that video!

By the way, it was 105 degrees yesterday in Raleigh, NC. It was a record high for August 21st. It's been so hot here and we are in a drought.
Thanks for the explanation concerning "squidoo". And that's a very cool video, by the way!
Great blog as always
Oh, I'd love to see the hula done live... *dreaming*

We've had a cold and windy summer over here in Sweden, butt not as much rain in the areas we've been even though other parts in Sweden has been flooding. Weird weather for sure.
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