Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Have You Ever Noticed That...

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Have you ever noticed that people like to site statistics and odds? My partner related to me that he heard the odds of a hurricane hitting Hawaii are once every fifteen years. I suppose there's comfort in odds for some, but not for me. I'm a renegade, and I like to see odds busted and replaced by miracles. Scientists predict that our Maui island volcano, Haleakala, is supposed to have an explosion every 200 years which would mean that our island is due or overdue for another explosion. Phooey!

In any event, Hurricane Flossie has been downgraded, and we haven't seen even one drop of rain. The sky is overcast in South Maui, and we're praying for some rain! It's been such a long, sweltering summer here in South Maui that rain would be a delightful change for our vegetation and for us!

When I worked many years ago in sales, marketing, and advertising, the concept was that everything is a numbers game. Percentages. To some extent I buy this as I believe anything that's repeated often enough and long enough becomes truth and REAL to many.

So in this vein, don't forget to enter my contest. If you haven't read the prior posts, you can reach the contest by clicking here.

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Okay, I subscibed to your awsome Blog of Who's Yo Mama. Now the feelings I get from viewing Elvis and the memories or feelings it brings out in me are: sadness from his eyes, and visions of his past loves. Like he is wishing them a fond farewell? Weird I know but that is what came to me?

Ps I know people like stats and black or white, I was not worried about Flossie either!
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