Friday, August 31, 2007


Goodbye August and Good Riddance!

Since today is Friday and often known as 'Casual Friday' by some, I'm keeping my post simple and casual and cool. I'm dedicating this video to my fellow blogger Lifecruiser known as the Captain with a penchant for Dom Perignon champagne.

I'm a swabee on the Captain's yacht, so I aim to please. I promised Lifecruiser a COOL penguin video. I'm counting down the hours until September as the hot, dry, days of August 2007 have dragged on for what seemed like eternity.

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Ha ha ha! That is so hilarious, looks exactly like me too.... *giggles*

Sorry for being a bit late to discover the video, maybe it was because I fell down in the COLD...? *giggles*

Though I'm not at all cold to this fine example of bribing. I love this kind of bribes!

*noted in Captains log*
That is one mean penguin, man.
I hope you're doing something funny, butt in case not, you're welcome to the secret island and viking age!

Secret Island Viking Town Birka
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