Monday, August 20, 2007


Countdown to 400 Posts!

Recently I stumbled upon a site with the list of the 100 most prolific bloggers, and some of the ones at the top of the list had over 10,000 posts! Imagine! This blog is almost the ripe old age of 400 posts, and today begins the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown to THE Grand Old Age of 400 posts for Who's Yo Mama?!

This upcoming 400th birthday was why I decided to run my first blog contest! Hey, I should celebrate that this blog has survived and flourished for this long, shouldn't I??? If you haven't yet entered the contest, you can enter it here. A Big Mahalo for all that have already entered! I appreciate your participation!

Some of the misconceptions I wanted to clear up with others as gleaned by some of the comments are:

I'm not the age of Elvis! But I certainly remember his talent, his fame, and his career through television, photos, and the net.

I picked this song because it was written by a beloved Hawaiian performer, Don Ho, who passed away this year.

My brilliant Aussie blogger girlfriend, Sue, came up with the idea of tying in a blog contest with a song and video. Mahalo Sue!

Now that I've cleared up these misconceptions, I feel bettah! And check out these stats for my multiple blogs: 1866 posts for my main blogs, and this number doesn't figure into the smaller blog posts on my more minor blogs, nor does it factor in my two Squidoos. This is another reason I'm celebrating: so far I've survived my blogging obsession! :Smile:

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You made me go and have a look how many posts I have! I was very sparingly writing in the beginning. Now it's every day, very seldom I skip a day.

So wanna come over and read my 728 post and make the 9,095 comment...? ...and maybe see the almost secret island from the water side...? *giggles*
OK, you got me. What's a "squidoo"? Am I hopelessly out-of-date not knowing?
I want to congratulate you on your posts.
Hey Suldog...squidoos are built around your passions and can focus on any subject. In your case, you could make one about softball or baseball or? Check out mine called Funnyblogs at this address:
400 posts ! Not bad ! I think I will join pretty soon if I continue like now !
The same age as Elvis ?? Hehehe, then really you would look very very young for "his" age ! How many face liftings ? I have never known so much about his life as now since he is dead. I loved his music, bought his records, but didn't like him physically and was never interested in his life. Every year something new comes out, a week ago I learned that he also took cocain and that they had to carry him on the stage in Las Vegas the last week of his performances there. Poor man !
Congratulations in advance - I will have to bake you a virtual cake. Thanks for your kind mention too, although I only gave you a general idea and you came up with the clever way of implementing it.
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