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Blog Contest-- I'll Remember You!!

As I come close to writing my 400th post, I've decided to celebrate by running a Blog Contest!

The prize: a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate

After listening to the feedback given by many of you, I feel a gift certificate is the easiest prize to offer.

There are two steps to this contest. First, subscribe to my blog. This is very easy. Look on the upper left hand sidebar where it reads, "Subscribe to a RSS feed from Who's Yo Mama?" Click on this, and subscribe. Let me know you've done so in the comments.

Second, share a memory or feeling elicited by the song in the (above) video in the comments.

The contest will end on October 10, 2007.

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OK. I subscribed. I feel so dirty now!

The Elvis clip reminds me of visiting my grandma when I was a kid. She had all his albums and would ALWAYS watch him on TV if he was going to be on. It didn't matter if it was one of his dopey movies, a televised concert or a guest spot on some variety show; if Elvis was on, grandma was watching!
Mahalo Hot Dog Man! I RELISH the fact that you're my FIRST contestant!
I subscribed to your feed and also shared a memory. I actually posted about it on my blog if that's ok. When you read it, you'll see why. This link is to my post.
In Memory
Cowboytf: your entry was absolutely beautiful! Mahalo!
I subscribed you as well!!!!

Elvis Presley is one helluva guy that ought to be remembered forever. God knows, how many times I repeated this video clip. Love love love.

Oh and yeah,
You deserve xoxoxos from me. ;-)
Childhood memories came flooding back when I listened to this song. It evoked a strong image of my sister as a teenager; a pretty young woman with wavy hair, whose tiny waist was accentuated by her flared skirt. She is 13 years older than me, a child of the early rock and roll era - an avid Elvis fan.

I idolized her then; all the way from her 50's hair style right down to her little white bobby socks. We shared a bedroom and I remember forcing myself to stay awake until she came home from her evenings out dancing, wanting to know every little detail. I cherished the times we went 'up town' together shopping. She married when I was four. Although she did not move too far away, the wrench I felt was intense. I remember crying with anguish as I watched the removal truck disappear up the street. I caused my family so much concern because I ate virtually nothing for weeks and weeks after this. I felt I had lost a 'mother' rather than a sister. Compensation arrived when I became an aunt at age 6 and gained the baby 'sister' I had longed for.

Time circumstances and distance separated my sister and I physically and emotionally. I moved away from my home town in Yorkshire, England, at age 18 - to ultimately land and remain in Australia. Phone calls were expensive and neither of us were frequent with our letter writing.

The internet has changed this. Through email, chat and web cam we are now becoming closer again but it is now her rather than me that asks 'when are you coming home again'.

A photo of my sister's wedding. (I am the tiny bridesmaid standing on the lower step)
Oops I forgot to let you know that I have subscribed to your blog.
I subscribed and I don't feel dirty!

Truth is I don't remember Elvis singing this song but I do remember Elvis. I'm older than you, Kuanyin so I remember wondrous teenage fumblings (and more) with my then boyfriend and many years later, spending time on Skiathos, a Greek island with a guy who loved the song, Old Shep. Well you can imagine the good things we did with Old Shep playing in the background.

I was living in Los Angles when The King died and have never forgotten it. He was, for me, the first and the best and I have most of his music and love it and play it to this day - so thanks - 30 years after his death - for the memories.
Fauzi-rassull: Mahalo for the hugs!

Sublimely Sue: Your entry was simply amazing....just like you to even add a great photo memory! You were a cutie!

Jilly: Mahalo for coming all the way from Monaco to join in! Your contribution is precious to me!
What I remember about Elvis:

That he was a ultra-nice guy that let too many outside influences move his life in a wrong direction.

He love fried banana, peanut butter sandwiches. Was absolutely a playa, without trying to be a playa!

Elvis elicits memories of innocence and decadence in concert. I think of the 67' Comeback special and then a decade later, he was gone.

He did his last show in Indianapolis at Market Square arena. I lived like 1 block from there for a spell, and remember the day they tore it down, 24 years almost to the day that Elvis last performed there.

Elvis reminds me of a past where technology did not pervade everything last thing. We had it, technology, but still a foot in the past was visible, almost a hopeful foot into what our Grandparents knew, and maybe their grandparents had seen...

He is nostalgia personified. 57 Chevys, Bobs (hairdos), skirt lengths, 8-tracks, 45s, Vegas acts, singers-become-actors, and heroes falling before us, all rolled into one man.

He is "The King" for a reason. He represents a King fallen after a magnificent reign, but a flawed one.

I lived in Tennessee for a spell too. Graceland was never far away, and I, as a 5 year old, lost the king...too soon.

And I, can't, help, falling in love, with you!!!!
I'm glad you liked my entry Kuanyin. It rehashed some memories that's for sure;) Good luck with your contest.
A new subscriber, here!

The video reminded me of what a great entertainer Elvis was. Do we even have his equal with us today?
Mahalo for entering the contest Jay Pay Freely and Sheila!! And Warmest Aloha!
I have subscribed and faved you Kuanyin....
I'm keeping my tribute short as today is the anniversary of "The King's" death. On this day Elvis was officially pronounced dead at 3:30 p.m. at the Baptist Memorial Hospital. He was buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Memphis, next to his mother.
in memory....Kim
I actually already was subscribed to your feed. Now I have you at work too! :)

Sigh, the vocal control and his vocal power are things I will always admire. My biggest memory of Elvis is his movies -- I always think of him as being that young man. I was too young to comprehend that he would be any different from that.

The song? Aside from the wonderful melody and his wonderful rendition, the impact is more about the past and some of the heartfelt pain of friends and family lost, one way or another. I'm a mush bucket by nature so I'm the worst person to ask about a song as meaningful as that one. :)
I subbed. And I have to admit that I was never a huge fan of Elvis...or to better qualify that, I never had the opportunity to listen to him much as a teen. I do, however, remember exactly where I was the day he died, and of being stunned that so famous and so beloved an entertainer could just be...gone. Like that. On August 16, 1977, I was a new bride, standing in the kitchen of a tiny little mobile home we rented.
Mahalo Nui Loa Kim, Evelyn, and Nancy for subbing and commenting! Have a blessed day!
Your blog is already in my GoogleReader!
The song remembers me of my mum and dad, as I'll remember them always...
Thanks for visiting my BED TT.
I subscribed!

I hadn't heard that song by Elvis before - it's lovely. In this clip he had already entered his "Vegas" style phase, I guess, with the fancy white sparkly suit, but he still had a flash of that old lopsided smile there as the crowd cheered him.

I am a little young for Elvis; I was born in 1953 so wasn't really old enough to appreciate him back when he was young and a teen idol. I was more of a Beatles girl...but later the Kinks, Pink Floyd and always, the Stones. (Paul McCartney's songs on his own got very trite). Anyway...Elvis. Elvis sang some great ballads which I remember fondly..."I can't help falling in love with you" comes to mind. It's one of the few songs my husband will dance to - since he'll only do slow dancing.

I don't have a lot of memories of Elvis but I always felt bad about how he died so young, only 42 - he always said he wouldn't live to be older than his mother, who died at 42. It's a shame he got so messed up at the end.

But because he died young, he'll always stay young in our memories. Just like John F. Kennedy.
Post this contest at let more people know about it.
A pity to see him ! Pumped up with drugs. I always loved his music but didn't like the man. He was already famous in Germany in 56 while he was completely unknown to the rest of Europe. I remember I bought his first record when I was about 12.
Long live the King!

I remember the flared pants with inserts at the sides, haha! Had some of my own too. The wider the flare with added insert the cooler you were.

Sorry, that's the first thing I remembered after recalling how beautiful his voice was :-)

I've added you to my Google reader as well :-)
I have subscribed to your RSS feed (well, I will as soon as I complete my comment). I tried to watch the video, but after a few moments, it said that this video was no longer available. I was only 11 when Elvis died, but that was about the time that I became a fan of his. I had a friend who idolized him and told me about it. I saw a couple of his movies and ended up collecting 10 or 11 of his albums. What a voice! My son is dressing up as Elvis for this Halloween. Come subscribe to my RSS feed and you can see his costume later this month;) Also I have several opportunities currently going on my blog for you to win prizes! HAve a great day! I am off to subscribe, right now! HONEST!
I've subscribed!

Wow, thanks for the clip. It really brings back the old times. King Elvis really has the power to make a person be riveted to the spot and just listen to him and hum along. I remember I just used to cling on to my mum's apron as she swayed when listening to him sing. He's the best!
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