Monday, July 23, 2007


Second Life Blog-Her Conference and Me

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The growth I've made in one year on the computer is really quite phenomenal, and this growth was the result of study, diligence, and many long hours spent experimenting how to make things work. Nowhere is this growth more apparent--at least to me--than my ability to create a Second Life avatar, dress and design her, and move her around.

The reason I jumped into Second Life was because I wanted to attend the BlogHer Conference which will be happening this coming weekend in Chicago. Since many people can't attend, they are offering a live feed of the conference into Second Life. Queen Tureaud is the contact lady running the BlogHer Conference in Second Life, and all one has to do is register. This conference doesn't cost a thing, plus they're giving away lots of free goodies as well. This is my opportunity to listen to and meet some of the famous women bloggers for whom I have great respect.

I received this notice this past week:

"Group Notice From: Queen Tureaud

As may of you know Elizabeth Edwards, blogger and wife of presidential candidate John Edwards, will be they keynote speaker at this year's BlogHer conference. This will be a discussion, moderated by BlogHer Co-Founder Lisa Stone, which means questions will be taken from the ballroom floor in Chicago, from emails, and from the comments posted here: Be a part of this discussion from Second Life. Submit your question to Elizabeth Edwards, and listen to her answer live in SL!"

So all week long I've been wondering what to ask Elizabeth, and I keep discarding all my questions as not quite right.

What would you ask her?

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