Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The Robots Are Gaining On Us

I haven't been eager to see the hot summer flick, the Transformers. Maybe you know about it and have seen it--it's the story of epic battles between two competing races of robots. There are the good robots: the Autobots. And the bad robots: the Decepticons. Even though I know the film is supposed to have awesome computer generated special effects and one really cute actor, I'm still not drawn to watch it.

However, I have been curious about the development of robots and have been reading more about robots in the news. And then came my big laugh of the day: the best of robot-schtick when I leafed through the September Sharper Image catalog!

Now you can purchase Elvis as a robot! "Heartbreakingly realistic "Alive" Elvis animatronic robot moves, talks and sings just like "The King" in his "68 Comeback Special"!" What you get is a life-size bust of Elvis Presley. Supposedly this bust "looks, feels, sounds and moves like a real person". You also get a microphone. Elvis will come and look at you with his baby blues, talk to you, share moments of his life, sing to you , and you can even synch him up with your iPod and sing along.

This robot Elvis has got to be the goofiest robot ever created in my book, and if someone gives me one for my birthday or Christmas, I will know the end is near, and the bad robots have won at last.

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