Friday, July 20, 2007


On The Road Again--Maybe, Maybe Not

While I toil in delicious air conditioned comfort, many Maui drivers are hitting the wall because of the traffic congestion and heat. In this week's Maui Weekly, the Weekly Poll asked this question of eight Maui folk:

"Which road on Maui do you feel needs improvement the most?"

Out of eight people showcased, two of them agreed with me, Mike Stewart and Jake Rodriquez. They both mentioned the road going to Lahaina. And today, once again, this road is so backed-up that my partner had to take the long way around again which isn't any fun at all because this route takes longer and is dangerously curvy.

I don't know what's the best way to make the needed changes, but the road to Lahaina solution needs to be given top priority attention and brainstorming by the County, for every time there's a fire or accident, traffic backs up for hours.

Over and out---TGIF!

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