Sunday, July 15, 2007


Of Movies and Television

Even though we're dismayed with many of the changes happening on Maui, we're still in love with many of Maui's benefits. For example, the other night the new Harry Potter movie, "Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix", opened up at the Kukui Mall in South Maui. If you were in most other cities, you would most likely find long lines for this popular sequel. But not here on Maui! There were only about five people ahead of us, and we were even running late on a Saturday night. We had no problem finding a parking place either. Now tell me-- how many places within the United States would you be able to whizz into a popular, just-opened movie like this?

Since so many people download the latest movies free from the net, I think physical movie attendance is becoming a thing of the past. We don't download, but we've heard stories from others how easy it is to do. We joined the Spiritual Cinema Circle this past year and receive DVD's in the mail-- another way we watch quality movies. Of course, it takes my partner to operate all the different clickers to play a DVD as we have so many attachments on top of our big-screened television. He's the only one in the family who knows how to play a DVD! I'm the DVR queen, and it's rare for me to watch anything unless I've already DVR'd it. DVR totally spoils you!

Here's a technology which I would like to see developed for television: program in your likes, and then a device searches current television programming to see if there's anything which matches and then it automatically DVR's it for you. Wouldn't that be very cool?

Back to Harry Potter, I was surprised to see how matured Daniel Radcliffe has become. He's the actor who plays Harry Potter, and he's grown into a handsome man. Where has the time gone? How fast and fleeting life is!

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We go to the movies occasionally but more often rent them. Now we finally got movies on demand on our cable service, and surprisingly have been downloading movies much more often than we ever rented them.

We'll be attending the new Harry Potter movie soon, however. I'm not waiting for that to come to On Demand!
Maui no ka oi!
You go mauigirl cuz I agree with not having to stand in long lines at the theatres here on Maui. I usually have the patience to wait for the movies to come out on DVD and then I don't have to pay for the outrageous cost of food at the cinema. Maybe this is a warning to Cinema owners . . . Make going to the cinema enjoyable and more cost effective. Perhaps it will encourage me and others to go to the movies to see the Big Screen and not the Big Scam.

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