Monday, July 02, 2007


The Movies of Summer

Our family loves the movies, but lately the choices of movies has not been to our taste which means they are violent, loud, scary, and mean-spirited. Ya see, we are sensitive light weights, and we can't handle 99% of the movies other movie goers eat up.

The Transformers, Live Free Or Die Hard, 1408, and The Fantastic Four are movies we'll never see. HOWEVER, we discovered Ratatouille on Saturday night and totally fell in love with it. What's funny is that even though it's considered a 'kiddy' movie, most of the people in the theater were adults. And something I don't hear very often at the end of a movie happened: a huge applause! So we're not the only adults who loved it!

Made by Pixar, Ratatouille is a hilarious animated adventure--the story of a refined rat, Remy, who has a dream to cook. Remy's destiny propels him to Paris where he discovers he's located underneath the famous restaurant, Gusteau. Monsieur Gusteau is Remy's spirit guide/muse who inspires him to follow his dream of becoming a chef.

I don't want to reveal too much of the movie, but if you're in the mood for a charming, uplifting, inspirational, funny, and heartwarming film, this is your best pick now.

We're looking forward to the opening of Michael Moore's 'Sicko' too, probably the only 'heavy' movie we'll see. Health care in our country is atrocious, and hopefully this movie will stir things up and propel the long overdue change for our health care system.

Having written about Michael Moore in one of my blogs, I was surprised to see an email from his assistant. She invited us to contribute our health care story video on Michael Moore's YouTube channel as others have. Check these videos out.

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Shrek 3?

I don't know if you liked the other two. They're a couple of my favorite movies of all time.
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