Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The English News--What A Hoot!

The long, hot summer is not even close to being over. My partner's hassling with his insurance company because someone rear-ended him recently, and now this rear-ender is claiming that he too was rear-ended, even though he wasn't. My partner's all heated up like the Maui summer, maybe even hotter, as he attempts to sort this out.

Even though I'm staying cool with airconditiong, I've got the summer blahs! There is very little on television to excite me, and good movies don't come around fast enough. I'm slowing down on my fascination with Second-Life. I do my 'normal': create, exercise, meditate, counsel, email, and work.

The US news is so tedious and boring I've turned to the English news for novelty and chuckles. My favorite is the online Daily Mail. Something about the English news is funny to me.

Today's Daily Mail has stories about a goose whisperer, the domestic dictator, animals falling asleep due to the heat wave, a canine spectator falls for a Tour de France rider, and best of all, "Dare You Wear The Bump Incher?"

We see lots of bump inchers on Maui, and I never thought anything about them until I read this very English spin on them. Most young people wear bump inchers--it's the style here. I think bums are beautiful, but what we used to call dental floss, better known as thongs, looks so 80's --or is it 90's? It's good to see a bit of the butt, but not the whole THING.

Of course, bump inchers (don't you love those words?) look better when there is a toned butt, and so I'll stop posting now and get back to exercising. Gotta keep working it!

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