Saturday, July 28, 2007


Bloggers of Hawaii?

Art courtesy of Love Peace Happiness

One of the many reasons I feel Hawaii is a back-water is because of the lack of bloggers over here. Definition of backwater: "any backward region that is isolated from the world and resists progress."

I've befriended a few local bloggers, and you can find them linked on my sidebar. Recently, I became friendly with a blogger from another island, and I entered their contest. If I win, I told them I would offer it up as a prize for my readers. However, then I thought to myself, why not inform my readers of the prize too. Maybe they'd like to win it too!

So here's the link for the prize at Go Visit Hawaii. Tell them Kuanyin sent you!

And if you haven't subscribed to this blog, go up to the top left where it's written,
"Subscribe to this blog with RSS"

Oh, if you know some great Hawaiian bloggers, bring them to my attention. Perhaps we can all link up and share information, prizes, and turn our islands into a blogger's paradise.

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Perhaps there are not so many here in Hawaii, because it is so expensive to live and and most people I know work at least 2 jobs. Now if blogging would earn an income , it might change.
Kuanyin - Thank you so much for sharing the contest with your readers. It means a lot to have this kind of support!
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