Thursday, July 05, 2007


An All-American July 4th

Commuting between two of our July 4th parties on different sides of the island, we missed the Wailea firework show, but according to friends at our Wailea party, we didn't miss much. The show supposedly lasted only a couple of minutes.

In any event, we had a great Fourth as we loafed...we shopped...we putzed... we ate hamburgers for lunch and barbecue ribs and beans for dinner... drank beer...and joked around with friends. We watched and smelled firecrackers going off all over the island, and best of all we didn't hear of any more fires.

July 4th was the anniversary of my daughter moving to the island fifteen years ago from New York City. She transfered from her school the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, the high school made famous in the movie Fame and the subsequent television series of the same name. At that time, she was on her way to an acting career for which she was well qualified. But then she became a Maui girl and focused her talents on teaching children which she is now famous for here.

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"putzed"... is that a Hawaiian word?

Glad none of the fireworks caused a fire. Ours were rained out on Wednesday but luckily we had gone to some the Friday before so we got our fix.
Sounds like a perfect day!
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