Wednesday, June 27, 2007


To Watch Paris Or Not

We don't watch very much tv in our home primarily because there's nothing on to watch, at least that we're interested in. If there is something we want to see, we usually DVR it, and then whizz by the commericals using the triple fast forward button.

Tonight I've DVR'd a few shows of interest, but I'm having misgivings about watching one of them. Part of me is curious, and part of me says, "Enough is enough already!" And if you're half-awake in the world, you probably know what show I'm referencing: The Larry King show with guest Paris Hilton.

I don't have any negative thoughts about Paris Hilton, and I feel she got a bum deal spending so much time in jail when she could have learned more and shared more had she received the sentencing of community service. She was used--to distract us, to revolt us, to trigger us for what purpose I'm not exactly sure. Surely there are more important subjects for the media to give air time!

What has horrified me and made me more aware than ever of the climate of despair in our country is the hostile reaction to Paris from the public. I've read so much hateful stuff online that it's scary. Most people don't even know her, and yet they've judged her by her public image which is always distorted by the media. Don't people get that? She is a young girl growing up making mistakes like most people do in their youth, only hers is on public display.

Many people believe that the gap between the rich and the poor is expanding. After reading all the vitriol against Paris, I'm beginning to believe that the 'have-not's' are totally fed-up. Paris is simply the poster child for the 'have's', and thus, she is hated beyond reason simply because of what she represents.

Your thoughts?

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Very thought provoking. First off, I probably won't watch the interview for the same reason I didn't watch her shows or videos. I'm not really interested. I won't watch now just for a sense of satisfaction - I take none in a young woman having big problems. Your thoughts on people with extreme feelings may be correct -maybe there is a handful of jealous people. However, I don't think all people react to this story because they are comparing themselves to Paris and feel fed up. I don't know her well enough to judge her. However, she committed a crime and then ignored the consequences. I was a young gal with friends - maybe we raced down our small town streets once.Maybe we did some other things. But we were not cited for drinking under the influence. And, as I got older and knew people who were, they attended their court-ordered alcohol classes and did not drive while suspended. If they had, they would have spent time in jail.

Any anger I felt at the story came when people starting lambasting the judge for sending her to jail. In my old town, four people were killed this year by a drunk aggressive driver in the middle of the day. I don't think Paris' behavior should be waved off as OK. Where was she when other celebs self-imploded? She was telling them to party. I think there are some lessons of maturity she could learn. I won't hate her if she doesn't learn because, again, I don't really care. But I won't criticize a judge who sends her to jail for 21 days.

She iz old enough to know how to make money off people. If there is demand, she will give them something. An interview. Jail art. A story. She is old enough and smart enough to know there are people willing to spend money on it. In my opinion, what she cannot do is drive recklessly and act in any way that could endanger someone else. I don't hate her at all. But if she rammed into my car while impaired, I just might.
Well, I think our mileage on this varies. Yes, her mistakes are on public display, but she was the one who chose to have much of her life chronicled publicly. As such, whatever the public wishes to say in response is fair game. Just my two cents.
this is a message for anyone who chooses to drink and drive. she got off easy.she is a symbol of the unconsciousness of her own making. a mother that was not a Mother,and how would you feel if Paris or anyone drove a car into your daughter or other loved ones. or anyone for that matter,and harmed or killed them? no more about Paris . The other comments were good. The people of the world are actually One...yes? it is sad to see money that should be used to improve,better, clean-up,help ,be spent on her.enough already!my furr is raised up!
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