Thursday, June 14, 2007


Thursday Thirteen--My To Do On Maui List

Even though I've lived on Maui sixteen years, there are so many things on my "To Do On Maui" list I've never done. Like the bumper sticker which reads, "Slow Down. This Ain't the Mainland.", I have slowed down on scratching off my To Do list. And then there are the newly opened places which I would like to experience which are making the list even longer. So much to do and so little time!

Here's my PARTIAL list:

1. Receive a Kate Somerville facial at the Four Seasons Resort.
2. Capture a photo of a crested honeycreeper at the Waikamoi Preserve.
3. Paddle-surf. It looks like a work-out.
4. Join Willie K & Eric Gilliom on stage and sing!
5. Sample Spam--Hawaii's popular food--maybe Spam sushi.
6. Attend the July 4th Makawao Rodeo.
7. Ride on the back of a Harley behind someone who knows what they're doing.
8. Dive or jump off Black Rock.
9. Zip line through Kula trees.
10. Take a ceramics course at Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center.
11. Learn how to dance the hula.
12. Exhibit my paintings.
13. Build my dream home.

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Ah, you live on Maui! I am so green with envy!
Ya know...this is a great list! I need to make one similar to my's easy to overlook what's in our own backyards! lol!
Im coming to visit...have room for one more??
My kids used to go to a daycare run by a Mormon woman who'd grown up in Hawaii. On the side, they threw these luau parties and would teach people how to hula. They taught it right and made it into something so beautiful, I really gained an appreciation for it.

when I take my writer's retreat out on Maui, I'll go take lessons with you. We'll laugh ourselves silly and walk out with an appreciation for an artform that's turning into a tourist trap, but shouldn't be.

Happy TT, k!
Awesome list, I love Maui =)
Ahhh, #5 - when we go to Ohau the cutie does something different everyday with Spam for he and my auntie...I'm not a big fan. And to have an exhibition, wow, that's big!
Someday I will get to visit Maui. It's on my list of places to go. And good for you for slowing down. I think we could all stand to do that.
Sounds like a great list of things to do to me. #8 & 9 sound especially fun. :-)

Thanks for visiting my TT.
That is a great list!

I find myself racing with myself a lot--get more done! I could use the Maui philosophy in my life :)
Wow! I want to live in Maui! (Wise bumper sticker, though.)

I hope you build your dream house!
Happy TT!
Having goals on Maui is too confining. ;-) As Kimo's Rules (which I brought back from Maui and sit on my desk in a frame) say,

"Goals are deceptive. The unaimed arrow never misses."

I assume you know the others, particularly, "No rain, no rainbows!"

Seriously, your goal sound like good things to do! It's just like anywhere; if you live somewhere you don't get around to doing something because you know you can do it any time. Like I've never been on top of the Empire State Building even though I go into New York frequently.
Lila and I are hoping one of the writers conventions goes to Hawaii someday! Thanks for stopping by my blog and holy hoolahoop - do you have alot of blogs or what! Also saw you paint - must see samples. Yes, i am quite demanding. Send me a link please as to where i can view.
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