Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Summertime Memories

As I was watering the plants on my deck this morning, I suddenly felt 'Summer' sweep over me, and I got the first whiff of a summertime vibe. It felt good! I have happy memories of summers past, and when these memories return (as they did this morning), I feel almost giddy with expectation of good times ahead.

Here are some of my favorite summertime memories:

Running through a lawn sprinkler getting soaked on a hot summer day

Endless games of hide 'n seek which went on as late as our neighborhood group could get away with and the parents called us home

Campfire Girl summer camp with the bugle wake-up call every morning

Hot dogs from the grill with lots of mustard

Cicadas singing all night long... the next morning their empty shells on the tree

A cold, sweet snow cone..with the inevitable dribbles on the chin

Swimming holes, creeks, and lakes--anything wet

Chiggers and fireflies lighting up the night

What are some of your favorite memories of summer?

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Baseball, all day, from sunrise to sunset (and maybe beyond, if we felt like playing on the street under the lights.)

The ice cream man (I'll take a Creamsicle, please!)

The Brockton Fair, The Marshfield Fair, The Weymouth Fair, The Topsfield Fair.

Sitting in the bleachers at Fenway Park for a doubleheader on Sunday.

Swimming at Mix's Pond with my best friend, Stephen, and then getting a big juicy hamburger at the restaurant across the street.

A double-scoop peppermint stick ice cream cone, with jimmies (probably sprinkles, where you're from) and biting a hole in the bottom of the cone and sucking out the ice cream.
Summer time to me is the smell of BBQ, playing on the beach, coconut suntan oil, and of course ice cream running down a sugar cone!
Suldog: Mahalo for mentioning the ice cream man! He was one of the highlights of my day! I'm gonna try your method of eating an ice cream cone--sounds like fun!
It's best if you wait for it to get a little bit melty, of course. Thanks for triggering all of those memories, by the way!
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