Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Summer of Love Rolls Around Again

I've read many articles which feel that the 40th year reunion of the Summer of Love is going to be more powerful than it was the first time around. Certainly, there are lots of BIG concerts planned such as the Summer of Love 40th Anniversary Concert (actually taking place in September) and the multi-city Live Earth Concert on July 7th. Thank God we can watch and listen at our computers at home for both will be broadcast over the net. Since I'm not a 'crowd' person, this is perfect for me.

Have you noticed the hippie-look in clothes is making another comeback? It seems to make a come-back every couple of years, but this year the 60's 'look' is strong with bandanas, scarves, long dresses AND mini skirts, an arm-full of chunky bracelets and beads, vests, boots, and peasant shirts.

Does this 'flower-power' trend match your current style of dressing?

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I was only 10 during the original Summer Of Love, so not much effect on me then. However, I've changed my style of dress very little from the early 70's to now. Jeans, t-shirts, boots - I am very casual most days. About the only difference is that I have straighter leg jeans rather than bellbottoms. Too bad, as I liked bellbottoms a lot!
I did the meme, by the way. I took many liberties and... well, you should probably take a look and then disavow all knowledge of me.
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