Saturday, June 16, 2007


Spring Cleaning---Late!

Today we awoke not knowing that we were going to immerse ourselves in spring cleaning. I know it's already summer, but we missed Spring because of playing with our house guests. And did our home ever need our cleaning and attention!

It was the area behind our massive computer desk where the dust was the worst. But as one thing led to another, we ended up moving the desk and changing the direction we sit at the computer. Now we have a wall behind us instead of huge windows, and we look in the Northwest direction, both very auspicious feng-shui elements for us. The moving of the desk is something I've wanted to change for a long time, so I'm really happy.

My partner is slow and thorough, and I left it to him to figure out to remember which cord went were--a nightmare for me! He got everything back up and working again except for several cords which don't seem to fit anywhere, but at this point--six hours later--we don't care.

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