Sunday, June 10, 2007


Petroglyph Pleasure

Today is normally my beach day with my daughter, but our plans changed. We went hiking to sacred power spots on Maui instead. One of the places we hiked to was the ancient rock carvings, petroglyphs, which are located maka-side Olowalu.

My daughter had never been there before, and she loved the mana of this isolated place. Even though these petroglyphs are mentioned in some guide books, not many people hike to them. There was only one family from Chandler, Arizona and us.

It felt so good to get away from the city energy and to be in Nature again, something I haven't been doing as much these days because I've been tied to the computer with my writing projects.

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Thanks for sharing your great photograph of the petroglyphs. I live on the Big Island where the most petroglyphs in Hawaii can still be found. I make soy candles wrapped in paper with stamped petroglyph designs. Did you know that the most popular design is the honu turtle?
How far are they past the 7 pools? We were there in July (6th - 20th) and got to where the road narrowed with out finding them. I'd like to get back and see them.
The petroglyphs are no where near the 7 sacred pools. Re-read the post, and you'll see they're near Olowalu. There is a dirt road which leads to them on the mountain side. Follow this road, and you'll see them higher up on the right hand side.
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