Saturday, June 09, 2007


Las Vegas Memories

Last evening my partner and I went to see the just-released film "Ocean's Thirteen" which has been dubbed by some film critics as 'Unlucky Thirteen'. My partner intensely disliked it as did many movie critics on Rotten Tomatoes. As for me, any film with so many phenomenal actors can't be all that bad!

A touching moment in the film was a scene where the characters played by Brad Pitt and George Clooney were reminiscing about their 'good old days' in Las Vegas. My partner began whispering in my ear the names of casinos long gone from the Vegas strip. He has a great fondness for the former Las Vegas too.

Las Vegas is one of his favorite destinations as it is for many Hawaiians. In fact, many have migrated from the 50th state for the more affordable homes in the Las Vegas suburbs. You can buy a grand home there for what you buy a shack on Maui! The new Las Vegas residents also find better jobs and easier lives. Actually, Las Vegas could be called the most Hawaiian city on the Mainland because of the huge amount of Hawaiian tourists coupled with the Hawaiian migrants.

We have traveled to Las Vegas like the rest of Hawaiians and sampled the resorts. Every time we go, we try another new resort. There's so many opulent resorts it boggles the mind. My partner has gotten some great comps in the past at some of the better resorts when they first opened like the Mandalay, Paris, The Palms, Hard Rock, etc. Our next reservation is for the Wynn.

Will we win at the Wynn? The alliteration certainly sounds promising.

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I'm kinda biased on the movie series... I'm a HUGE RatPack fan and the original is kinda sacred...

I gave the first one a chance and it was okay... but it's not Frank, Dean, and Sammy.
I love Vegas. Have stayed at the Flamingo, Caesars, (old) Alladin, the actual Desert Inn before it went the way of the dodo. Good luck at Wynn!
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