Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Keep Maui's Honeybees Healthy

While running around doing errands today, I picked up a copy of the free Maui Time Weekly, "Maui's Only Locally Owned Independent Newspaper". The articles in this tabloid-sized newspaper are always excellent plus I get a kick out of the sassy, funny columnist Samantha Campos who writes "Holoholo Girl".

The cover of the May 31st issue is titled, "To Be or Not to Bee" by Cherly Ambrozic, and the subtitle is very troubling, "A mite infestation is laying waste to bee colonies on Oahu. There's a good chance they'll soon be on Maui. If that happens, much of the island's agriculture may disappear, too."

The inspectors who inspect the inter-island vessels will have to be on their toes! It's bad enough that Oahu's honeybee colonies have been ravaged, but we can't let the same thing happen to Maui.

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I've been hearing little news snippets about how bee populations have become smaller in many places. NOT good news. I know I've noticed fewer of them in the northeast this year, but I figure that may be due to the unseasonably cold weather we had this spring.
Between the mites and the disappearing bee colony syndrome (or whatever they're calling it) the honeybees are not doing well. I hope they're not the "canary in the coal mine" showing us that climate change is going to damage our world irrevocably. I'll be sending positive thoughts to Maui's honeybees.
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