Wednesday, June 06, 2007


It's Maui Film Festival Time Again

Photo: terragalleria

Every summer for many years we've attended the Maui Film Festival. We've been looking over the films offered for this season's festival, and we've decided on several which spark us:

We've attended the Taste of Wailea and the Celestial Cinema, but last year we decided not to attend, and we're passing again this year for two excellent reasons: the 'Taste' brings out our gluttony, and the 'Cinema' is too crowded.

This year there will be a Festival thingamajig, Seaside Village on Wailea Beach, open during the time period of the festival from June 13-17 which sounds way more enticing!

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Thanks for the posts on the movies, love to check out a couple/
Love to check out the movies
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