Thursday, June 28, 2007


Fire On Maui Makes Me Reflect

Artwork courtesy of Love Peace Happiness

Yesterday there was a BIG fire on Maui started by a firebug so the authorities think. This fire was started somewhere near Olowalu, not far from the petroglyphs I photographed and posted on several blogs not too long ago. People were evacuated, and homes and land were destroyed. The road was closed (and then opened and then closed) and the backed-up traffic was a nightmare.

I know that Mama Maui will kick the a** of the ones who started that fire! This is something I feel sure of: this person(s)will get their KARMA because The Land Has Eyes! "The Land Has Eyes" was the name of a movie I saw several years ago, and I love this phrase and what it implies. Even though this was a successful Fijian movie and set in that area, Mama Maui also has EYES, and I've observed how fast karma blows around here on Maui.

Yesterday's blaze was not nearly as disastrous as the recent blaze in Lake Tahoe (which is still happening and not yet contained), most likely also started by a twisted human. What makes people want to destroy through starting fires? And what makes one home untouched by the flames and still stand while the neighbor's home is reduced to charred rubble?

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As a person with a first hand look of the Fire as many other residents stuck on the West side, I have to say Maui comes together to support the stranded. Many friends and family opens their doors to people. I saw 2 fires on either side of Lahaina town, I also want to give a huge shout out to the fire fighters who risk their lives to save others and battle the blaze!
So sorry to hear about this! I hope everyone gets back to their homes and that they all have insurance. That is terrible that someone would do something like that.
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