Friday, June 15, 2007


Films and First Video

This is the week of the Maui Film Festival, and thus we've been watching lots of great new films. The Maui Film Festival ends this Sunday.

Last night we viewed another two films at the McCoy Theater at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. Both films were extraordinary documentaries: "Light of the Himalaya" and "Truth In Terms of Beauty".

The amount of work, skill and artistry which went into these films blew me away! "Light of the Himalaya" captured some great mountain climbing and eye surgery shots, and "Truth In Terms of Beauty" showed some extremely clever shots which were new to me!

I, on the other hand, have been trying to do something so simple that probably most tech-savy kids in grade school could do it--upload my first home 'short' to YouTube. When I say 'short', I'm not kidding!

I experimented on my cat Anela. She wasn't too happy to have my new Flip Video camera pointed at her, but she didn't run away either! Filming her was the easy part. Then I had to figure out how to upload to YouTube.

My first assumption was that once I downloaded the video, it would immediately get uploaded to YouTube. No such luck! Then it dawned on me (duh!) that first I would need to go into my YouTube account and download it from my saved file. And if you want to see my first masterpiece (hah!) and hear me sweet-talk my reluctant cat, you can see it on my latest posting on my Art of Living and Dying blog. I posted it there because every Tuesday I participate in a cat meme called Cats On Tuesday. This is the funniest group of cat writers on the net, and I ROFL every Tuesday when I read their posts and their comments.

And so it's really a Happy Friday for me as now I have begun my YouTube video posts! Like the very accomlished filmakers whose films I watched this week, I have aspirations! Now that I know how to upload to YouTube, I plan to post my Maui videos right stay tuned!

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Meet a Maui Cat was great; at least you got him to speak!
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