Tuesday, May 15, 2007


What is happening to South Maui?

Yesterday when I returned to my car from the dentist's office, I saw a flyer which had been placed under my windshield wiper, so I removed it before driving. Looking over the flyer after returning home, I was amazed at what I saw!

The flyer was a map of the area of South Maui which stretches from Wailea through Makena, and the map showed in white marks how much of Wailea and Makena is going to be turned into residential properties. I was horrified!

On the other side of the flyer was written this headline, "Does a Second City in South Maui Make Sense? Is this what is needed and wanted right now? Speak up! The future of South Maui has not been decided yet!"

The final question really got to me: "How many Maui residents will be able to afford a home in this Second City?"

If you're interested in joining into this discussion, here's the Save Makena website.

The concerns of this group are valid: how much traffic can South Maui's roadways hold? And what about the water and sewage plants?

There's a lot of food for thought about what is going to happen to Maui in the very near future! When we moved here, it was rumored that South Maui would eventually turn into another Waikiki....and by the looks of the development plans for South Maui, this rumor may soon turn into fact.

Panama is looking better all the time!

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How awful! If there is anything I can do to help stop this please e-mail me. In the 25 years since we started coming to Maui we have already seen tremendous changes. When we first started coming, Kihei was a sleepy little town with one road going through it. There were no traffic lights, very few stores (just Azeka's and that little strip mall surrounding it). There weren't even that many restaurants, just the one complex that had La Familia Mexican restaurant (sadly long gone although I still have a t-shirt!). People would drive slowly down the road at a leisurely pace. Now it could be part of New Jersey with the lights, the traffic, the strip malls everywhere. But it is still a wonderful place to visit...so far. But it's at a turning point. It has to stop now before it goes too far.

I'm sorry to hear they may develop the Wailea-Makena area even more than it is...Isn't Makena preserved because of the lava flow?
What is happening to South Maui is the same thing that is happening all over our planet... dis-regard for the enviroment and the planet we are supposed to be caring for ,like a garden. the word Is GREED! I used to live on Maui, and she will always be a beloved place in my heart, all of the activists come out of your complacency, get of the "POT" and say NO-more.,.. speak up!come on everyone get to -gether and love one another right now ... and Maui. mahalo, Basha
Yes, It is growing faster than we all can handle esp with water needs.
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