Thursday, May 10, 2007


Thursday Thirteen--Maui Images

One of my passions is taking photographs, and today I'd like to share 13 recent photos I've taken on the Hawaiian Island where I live, Maui, Hawaii. I also have two photoblogs, so if you'd like to see photos of the skies of Maui, Hawaii, click here or here for more island photos. The images shown below are things you might see while visiting Maui.

Steps leading into a swimming pool

Plumeria flowers beginning to bloom again

The windmill at the Maui Tropical Plantation

Palm trees
An old anchor
Amazing, golden sunsets
Health food store in South Maui

Pineapple design chandelier

Hibiscus flower
Flower girl selling leis
Celebrites Gallery in Lahaina and Wailea

Wall scultpure
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You've so made me want to come visit!
Really like the windmill shot
Great pics! Love the one of the palms with the blue sky, and I love the guitar wall sculpture.

It's funny that Picasso's name is in small print below the musician's names.
We were just in Maui and I love it there. Thanks for sharing!
Somehow, some way, someday, I really have to make it to Maui...
LOVE the pictures, especially the guitar. Are you surprised that I want it?????

Happy TT!
Nice ones! I love all the flowers over here in Maui. My camera is on the fritz, but I'm hoping for a new one soon. You motivate me to take more pics!
I love the gallery sign, "Picasso and others..."
Lovely pictures! I like the palm trees best I think!
I so love all of those pics. I want to go to Hawaii for my 20th wedding anniversary, I've always wanted to go there..only 2 more years to wait.

The pineapple chandelier was quite unique!
O love the pineapple chandelier! Neat photos!!
Fabulous photos, what an awesome place to live each day, such beautiful surroundings! I really love the guitar wall sculpture and pinapple chandelier.

Thank you for visiting my blog today too! It was one of my longest posts, I really got into it today once I got going! :)
More GORGEOUS the soft skies. It's so funny; in some ways it's sort of like Florida, and then I see the mountains in back...which to me, living here, just looks surreal. Wall sculpture ROCKS.
So, who was the guitar sculptor?

By the way, for some reason it really makes me sad that Ronnie Wood has to have the added (Rolling Stones) under his name.
Great TT, varied shots
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