Thursday, May 31, 2007


Thursday Thirteen--Favorite Islands

Today is a Full Moon and a Blue Moon....and I'm wide awake at 2 AM. The gleaming moon and the night sky full of sparkling stars compels me to remain awake to savor the magic and the mystery of an early Maui morn. The chirping of the geckos are the only noise I hear. Could I live on another island anywhere in the world as special as Maui I ask myself?

For today's Thursday Thirteen, here are my choices for possible contenders:

1. Ibiza, Spain
2. Santorini, Greece
3. St. Barths , West Indies
4. Moorea, South Pacific
5. Bali
6. Martha's Vineyard, USA
7. Capri, Italy
8. Sardinia, Italy
9. Harbour Island, Bahamas
10. Mykonos, Greece
11. Bora Bora, South Pacific
12. Turks and Caicos, West Indies
13. St. Martin, Caribbean

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I think were you live is the coolest of all. Stay there may you have a happy long life there. Beautiful
I loved Mykonos! Of curse Maui is not bad either :P
I could go for any, or all, of those! Mine are up at Special K Family and Being An Air Force Wife
The answer is no, you live in the most special place in the world. Though Martha's Vineyard does have its nice points.
Great list,makes me want to travel
I would love to visit all of those places, but (even though some of the more tropical locations are tempting) I'm not sure I would want to move to any of them permanently.

Happy TT! :-)
I'd like to suggest Tasmania. It's certainly not as tropical as Maui but it's equally lovely as your beautiful island. Or if you come to California, we have the channel islands with Catalina being the largest. Oh and Vancouver Island is pretty too up in Canada. So many lovely islands so little time!
The only other place I'd want to live is Sanibel Island, Florida, although it has its downside (no hospital on the island, for one). But doesn't anything?

Have a great TT and thanks for visiting; seeing your name in my comment trail always makes me smile.
I may be biased but I'd choose Bermuda over T&C, or the Bahamas. Probably over St. Martin and St. Barts, too. (Of course, being Bermudian, I'm biased!)

But I'd be right there with you in Italy, Greece and the S.Pacific.

Thanks for reminding me I'm an island girl at heart ;)
Someday I want to visit your island! I've been to Tortola in the BVI. It was an amazing place to visit. Happy TT!
Greece sounds like lots of fun! I think I've seen one too many movies with adorable Greek families. The only island I've lived on is the one in Denmark that has Copenhagen on it...You'd think I could remember what its called, but I can't seem to think of the name in English! Anyway...It was cold and the beaches suck...If you're going to live on an island it should at least be tropical. :D I'll bet Maui is fun!
I'd go to any of 'em -- I've love to take a nice, leisurely tour!

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!
Maui is definitely a great place to be. Have you been to any or all of the other places you list? Great list! Happy TT!
This is a great list. I live on an island but nothing near as exotic or incredible as Maui. I'd love to visit someday as well as any of those places you listed!

Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
All islands sound great to me, but if I were you I'd stay where I am! ;-)
Thanks for visiting my blue moon TT.
What a great list! I'd love to visit all of those places, especially where you live.
Awesome choices every single one, but you already live in paradise .. :) Thanks for stopping by, and Happy TT!
I once had a job interview on Martha's Vineyard. I was fresh out of broadcasting school and auditioning for a spot as a DJ. I could have had the job, but they wanted me to move to the island. Not a bad place to live, but on a starting-out DJ's salary? Near-impossible. Had to turn them down.
Have you been to all of those places?

Wonderful TT - a very exotic list.
Does Australia count? Just asking 'cuz I've always wanted to visit Australia. Maui sounds wonderful and what a great idea for a list. Thanks for visiting my T13.
I have nto traveled to too many islands , but it looks exotic in my mind-Gen
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