Thursday, May 17, 2007


Thursday Thirteen and the Letter M

The Letter M has always been very familiar to me since it is the first letter of my first name on my birth certificate, and thus, I am fond of it. For today's Thursday Thirteen, I'm going to list Thirteen Words I like which begin with the letter M.

1. Maui--my home for many years
2. Mother--my greatest and proudest success
3. Magic--my great joy to enjoy the magic of the world
4. Mystery--we live the mystery every day
5. Meditation--which I like to do on a daily basis
6. Mangoes--which grow on our trees and which I like to eat
7. Miracles--are happening all the time when we notice them
8. Money--a necessity to plan the Game of Life
9. Merriment--my preferred lifestyle
10. Madonna--with whom I feel very connected (the original Madonna!)
11. Mahalo---a word which means Thank You in the Hawaiian language
12. Mercury--the ruler of my astrological Sun sign
13. Magnanimous--the way I like to behave

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Thank you for teaching me a Hawaiian word! I'll have to remember that one for when I visit someday (fingers crossed it will be soon!)
Great list!

Someone did this last week, soI'll add the same things to yours that I did to hers. =)

Mist and Miracles
Awesome list, and thanks for specifying which Madonna .. :) Thank you for stopping by, and Happy TT .. :)
Mmmm, mangoes! Yummy! Cool list all the way around, and thanks to you, I now know how to say Thank You in Hawaiian. :)

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!
Hah! Mahalo! You taught me that one, and I thank you!
Love your list. I have a few other M words I like: mom, mischief, meander.

Happy TT!
Miracles. Good.
Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud
Neat idea! My fave M words are :

You had me at Maui!! It would be a Miracle if I had the Money to visit and share some Mangoes in the Mist while listening to Madonna.
Okay - that was lame,... sorry ;)
How can I even compete when the above when Wylie put it so eloquently? Love the list M!
Rather a 'zen' letter isn't it, when you get all of the biggie words together like that
Mahalo for sharing this list! There are great words with the M. Magic being my favourite of corse, although money... ;-)
Thanks for visiting my detective TT!
This is one of my favourite TT's - love the simplicity and graciousness about it. It serves as a reminder for what's important in life.

I will get to the MEME . . . I promise.

Have a great weekend, XINE :)
Great! Mangoes, Maui, Money, could you not love the entire list...:)
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