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Thursday Thirteen --Aerial Views of Maui, Hawaii

Have you ever wondered what Maui looks like from a birds-eye view? If so, come fly with me today and see THIRTEEN views from the vantage point of an eagle. You will see emerald cliffs meeting cobalt blue waters, green mountain tops being kissed by clouds, the highway snaking below you, fields of sugar cane, and more. You don't want to miss this harmless armchair adventure, so buckle up! It'll be worth it. Next thing you know, you might buy a ticket to Maui to see for yourself!

If you weary of viewing Maui from this angle, jump on over to another one of my blogs, Maui Skies, to drool over beautiful sunsets, clouds, and other appealing photos of the skies of Maui, Hawaii.

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Spring must be in the air, so many people are putting up pretty T13's!
Great views.
Wow... What a splendid view!
My TT lists the 13 goals of a witch, with my thoughts on them.
Wow, gorgeous!
These images are amazing! I would love to visit Maui one day .. :) I'm a newbie TTer, but my entry is now online if you'd like to drop by .. :) Have a great rest of the week!
Wow, those are gorgeous. I hadn't realized Maui is that ... uninhabited. I hope that doesn't change.

Happy TT!
OH, that's just awesome!!!
Wow! Nothing beats a GREAT aerial view! I so desperately wanted to be a pilot when I was young... still do!

Oh, and YOU BEEN TAGGED! - (Check at 6am EST... I had to time-stamp it...)

Apologies in advance!
Wow, beautiful. I would love to visit Hawaii someday. Thanks for sharing.
My very favorite place on earth. Favorite.
Lovely pictures!
Wow, that is...amazing. I love my Florida, but we have no volcanoes...I can't believe how gorgeous Maui is. But I love all of your photos of flowers, cats, and so forth, so keep 'em coming.
Very understandable that you moved there !!! I would do it too but finally I love my little Waterloo too and fortunately the world has become smaller and smaller !
Ah, thanks for the fantastic flying over :-)

It's very exotic looking for someone (me) that lives in Sweden! I want to go back to Hawaii more than ever! We've never been to Maui, but it is on our list. On some of the pictures, it looks like rectangles of that farmland? Pineapple plantations? husband is in the produce biz. I know they grow pineapples on Oahu...wasn't sure about Maui.
I would have to say you add yet another spectrum of wonder to Maui Wowie!

I'm not one to litter, that's why you didn't find multiple comments among your posts. Great stuff!

I'm pleased to include you in the latest, greatest edition of A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere. Should you wish to do a link exchange, it would be my pleasure.

Here's to a wonderful weekend...Cheers!
I can't wait to goto kuai i think thats how you spell it .. i dunno my aunt bought me and my fiance our honey moon there.. hahaha i am like lets get married nowwww hahaha
Beautiful. What a fun way to see the island!
Very KR8TVE...great idea and picshj
Beautiful and breathtaking. I really like the highway from the sky.

Check out my TT.
Seeing as we both moderate comments this is sort of like would be nice if we could actually email though. Thinking easier for both of us.

I think the easiest thing in terms of blog carnivals is to have a look at this post:
As you go from one carnival to the next you'll see the hosts have freedom to do what they do. Makes it more fun hosting that way.

Are you open to any permanent link exchanges among you many blogs? I'd be happy to plug in whichever ones you would like.

I have a couple more, one to update and one to redo; it would be great to pick those up. Will have both those done through the weekend.

Wanted to refer you also to two of my associates, if you'd like to have a look...perhaps link exchanges could work
(see the game of tag --- you're it!) 8-)

One last thing, have you ever had a look at Blog Village? From what I've seen in your blogs that could be a great connection for you.

I am, I must say, quite impressed by your work. My compliments.

All the best,

Those are some awsome pics! My TT13 is up at
One word....gorgeous! :o)
i got your comment ok :) great shots, btw! happy friday, kuanyin!
wow! Those photos are stunning. I've never been to Hawaii but it's on my list. Having lived/swam/dived in the other ocean (I spent 18 years in Bermuda) it's about time to check out the Pacific!

And no... I'm afraid I know very little about feng-shui.
Hi, great photo's - particularly liked the one of the ribbon of road.
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