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Sensei Restaurant Is Sensational

The most agreeable months to enjoy Maui are from late November til early June, and it is these months that our snowbird friends arrive every year for their vacations. This is also the time of the year when I put on weight, as there is lots of entertaining going on, lots of dinners out, and not enough time to exercise!

This year is like all the others, and so I'm actually looking forward to June when all our friend stops arriving--then I can stop eating out so often, exercise more, and I can once again slim down and fit into my skinny clothes! I have three sizes of clothes in my closet for the three seasons of my Maui lifestyle.

Last night my partner and I were invited out to dinner by a dear visiting friend at one of our favorite restaurants on the OTHER side of the island, Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar.

Even though there is a Sensei Restaurant in South Maui (Kihei), we much prefer the original Sensei Restaurant in Kapalua.

The original Sensei Restaurant was torn down in recent years, and a new one has been built with a more contemporary interior design. The new one also appears larger than the original.

As has been the tradition for as long as I've lived on Maui, Sensei offers kama'aina (local residents) discounts on Sunday and Monday evenings--half off. Tourists also receive a discount. So these are the nights to show up before 5:15 (when the doors open) and get your orders in before 6 p.m. It's very good to save money at expensive eateries on Maui!

There is always a line for these discounted dinners, and last evening, we were blest in that we arrived about 45 minutes before the door opened, and we were not at the tail end of the line! My lucky parking angels gave me a primo parking space right alongside the restaurant, so we didn't even have to park in the rear parking lot.

My parking angels amaze others. Miracles occur. Just as I will pull into a parking lot, some other car (usually right in front!) will pull out making it easy for me to park! Our dinner host remarked to us as we all waited in line if my parking angels could be put to other tasks as well, and I said, "Unfortunately not! The angels each have their individual assignments!"

I need to have the assistance of 'weight-loss angels' now. I refuse to add a fourth season of size clothes to my closet!

The line in front of us waiting for the doors to open

The line behind us
My primo parking spot

The new buildings
And last, but not least, the kind offering of a water fountain in front of the restaurant in case you get thirsty as you wait

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Been there a few times, love the sushi. It does get crowded so it is good to have a reservation. Come early , and stay is worth it!!!
Hi! I completed my interview, so come on over and get a look - and thanks again!
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