Friday, May 25, 2007


Re-discovering Shopping on Maui

Photo: terragalleria

I hardly ever shop on Maui for items other than food because shopping over the internet is so much easier. There is a much bigger selection of items, better prices, and like I mentioned in the first sentence: IT'S EASIER!

My usual shopping trip entails going to the local health food store, Hawaiian Moons, for fresh produce and fruit and then on to Safeway for basics.

However, whenever people visit us, I am re-introduced to shopping at local stores for stuff other than food! Since it's inevitable that our company wants to shop, I am usually spun-along on shopping expeditions. In the process I discover lots of nifty new products, or one of my house guests buys something which is a 'better mousetrap'.

For instance, I have colorful Hawaiian style coasters for the table top, but it was Sherry who discovered an item which is ingenious: a coaster shaped like a round flipflop called "drinkwear...for the foot your glass!" This item is perfect for your stemware glasses as the rubber thong handles holds your glass bottom tightly.

Another item I recently discovered is the "Any Kine" Caddy. It's a folding caddie available in both small and large which is "ideal for storing picnic and kitchen utensils, desk supplies, baby supplies, and other items. Use it as a gift basket". The fabrics are Hawaiian prints with flowers, etc., and the folding legs are probably bamboo.

I'm very impressed with the ingenuity and diligence of the creators of products who dream their creation...then manufacture them... sell them to big stores...and make a living from their creations. This is the American entrepreneur dream, and it's alive and well in Hawaii!

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Bought the Any Kine Caddy while on Kauai recently. I love it, and wish I had purchased more for gifts. Can't get it in Canada, and postage prices are horrendous to have it mailed here sad 😞
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