Sunday, May 13, 2007


Mother's Day Is My Alibi

Photo: D.L. Accents

Last evening my partner wanted to take me out for an early Mother's Day dinner, and since he was going to be ultra busy on Mother's Day, I agreed. Thus, I broke my fast and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Chez Paul.

However, today I'm back in the saddle again and once again fasting until our next batch of company arrives on Thursday. My eating plan while we're entertaining our company is to stick to small portions with zero sugar and lots of water so that I can once again fit into my cute clothes and tiny bikinis.

This past year I've become a blog-o-maniac! Not only have I been writing on ten blogs, but I've been attempting to finish two books, paint, photograph, run a household, and manage a number of other projects at the same time. Because I've been more sedentary than I was in the past, the weight slowly crept up on me.

I know I'm not the only person who has had this experience of weight-gain, so if you would like to share any tips in the comments section, I invite you to leave me a comment.

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Yeah, I would love to look like her and that means less time on the computer , more time on the treadmill! However time is limited...I guess it is about making time for weight loss.
please tell me what is in a cocnut martini? I don't know what is but I want one!
I know what you mean, it is so hard to diet! But you can't pass up a meal at Chez Paul! I'm afraid I have no big tips...I'd say the most important thing is portion control. Don't deprive yourself, but just have a small amount of everything you like rather than a whole bowl or plate of it.
About the only thing that works for me is cutting out all wheat products and dairy. No milk, no bread, no butter, that sort of thing. The weight drops pretty fast, though.
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