Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Maui's Not -So- Secret Little Beach

Little Beach in Makena is not widely publicized because it's Maui's NUDE beach, and nude beaches are a little too 'wild' for many people. However, our house guests wanted to see it, even if they did have to climb up the fairly steep incline of the 30 foot bluff to get to it. So on probably THE most packed beach holiday of the year, Memorial Day, we drove to Makena Beach to guide our guests to the far right end of Makena Beach where you climb up the bluff and down the other side to arrive at Little Beach.

I am well-known by all my friends and family to have the most amazing parking spot angels, and my angels didn't let me down yesterday. As we pulled into the packed Makena Beach parking lot, I remarked that my angels would have to be tripled to get a parking spot or something to that effect! As it turned out, as we rounded the curve and with no parking places available, a couple called out to me and asked if we were looking for a parking place. I think everyone in our car said 'Yes!' at the same time, and the male of the couple told us to follow him to his van around the next corner....which turned out to be a primo parking place!

We never had any intention to strip down and remain on Little Beach for we had many other places to visit before our day's sightseeing adventures were completed. Furthermore, I'm don't really care to go nude at crowded beaches, although I respect the right of others to be nude if that's want makes them happy. My choice for a nude beach would be on my own private island with pale turquoise water, white- powder sand, and lazy, little waves-- none of which matches the description of Little Beach.

The beach was crowded, and some people wore swimwear, and some didn't. Looking down on the beach from the hill, I recalled an evening gathering many long years ago with bonfires, dancing, music, and gaiety. Those days are no more with the new law passed in 2006 closing Makena Beach after sunset.

I didn't live on Maui in the 60's and 70's, but I know people who did, and their photos and stories of the 'Good Old Days' of Makena are fascinating...they were Maui's version of the notorious "Taylor Camp" of Kauai. A dirt road ran to Makena, not the paved road we drive on now. Hippies set up camps and settlements everywhere in this area. Everyone ran around nude with dark, nut-brown skin for their living rooms were the beaches behind the kiawe forests.

Little Beach is all that remains of this world....and even then, only a diminished replica. Maui has been claimed by another tribe now.

At the middle, lower left side is the opening and climb to Little Beach.
Here is Makena Beach (Big Beach) on Memorial Day.

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