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Maddy McCann and The Hunt for Missing Children

The story of Madeleine (Maddy) McCann is huge in Europe, but this story doesn't seem to be as big in America. Today I read online that J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, has pledged a $3 million reward fund for the return of Maddy. Read the story here.

So far Rowling is the biggest contributer. Other contributors offering large amounts are Sir Richard Branson, "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell, businessman Stephen Winyard, and Topshop owner Sir Phillip Green.

Four-year-old Maddy disappeared on May 2 in Portugal as she slept inside her parent's holiday apartment when they went out to dinner nearby, and thus far, she hasn't been found. The distraught parents, Kate and Gerry, have been accused of being terrible parents for leaving their three children alone when they went out to dine, and the Portuguese police are also catching flak for bungling the case. Fingers are being pointed all over the place: a pedophile ring, a ring who kidnaps young children for their body parts for patients prepared to pay large amounts of money for healthy organs, and other such terrifying speculations.

They mystery of missing/disappearing children needs to be solved, for it has been going on for far too long! Hundreds of thousands children (maybe even more) go missing every year. Where are they??? We should establish an organization that employs the world's best minds and trackers on this subject and set up a fund with all the money that is donated!

Every one of us needs to stay alert for one never knows how far a child could be moved around, even as far as Hawaii. Here are some great links to organizations should you have any clues:

Missing Kids
Child Connection
Innocence in Danger has photos of Maddy posted on their site plus are asking others to wear yellow in support of finding Maddy.

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Amazing how little airtime this is getting in the U.S. That little girl is so adorable from the pictures I've seen. I hope she is found. I do think it odd that the parents left such young children alone in the hotel room. We don't hve kids, but when we bring our dog with us on vacation we don't even leave her alone in the hotel room. I certainly wouldn't leave a young child!
Truly a sad story. Hopefully the girl will be found soon, unharmed and alive! It is hard for me to believe in this world killing for body parts is happening? I am saddened to hear this and hear about any missing child. Thanks for sharing
As a mother of two young children, I couldnt imagine the horror and agony these parents are going through. I couldnt imagine not knowing where one of my children were, and my heart breaks for everyone involved. God bless those who have stepped up to help, wether it be financially or otherwise. I pray that Maddy is found safe and soon!
We all need to Pray and ask GOD fot a Micale. To bring little Maddy home safe.If we all Pray and belive , GOD will bring her Home ,safe.To parnets all over the world, Keep your Childred close. There are Mosters ever where. And they come mosly out at night.Almighty GOD we ask you to bring Little Maddy Home safe and soon.In JESUS name. Thank you Father.
I read about Maddy in People Magazine and my first feeling was one of true amazement that the parents would leave their children alone...any where, any time, and any place. What COULD they have been thinking? Lifes' most precious gift and they squandered it by taking a calculated risk that didn't pan out. Dinner alone isn't worth the loss of a child. All things being equal, I'm sure the parents are asking themselves why they took such a risk now... a little too late. No one deserves punishment like this. They made a mistake and I am sure they wish that they could take it back, do it over. Unfortunately they can not. I hope little Maddy is found safe and well in mind and body and she suffers no lasting effects. As horrible as this is for the parents, we have to remember how much worse it has to be for poor Maddy, alone, scared and wanting her parents. Hopefully she is still alive and not lost forever. God help everyone looking for her and help them to find her...there must be a clue somewhere as to who took her.
I am a single mother and my little girl is now 22 years old.I still remember when she was at innocent Maddy's age. I did not leave my little girl alone even for a second, no matter how hard it was. My heart ach for the little Maddy but no sympathy for the ignorance, irresponsible parents. They should not have left three young children on their own. They should be put in jail.
i have followed the sad story every day of the disappearance of poor maddy mccann.what escapes me is who in their right mind would leave 3 very small children at home alone nevermind on holiday in a foreign country.The McCanns are most certainly guilty of at least 1 thing and that is neglegance.In my opinion they have paid 1 hell of a price for a night out.ahad they cared so much for their precious children they could and should have had a meal at their apartment and invited their friends and children over,i mean surely thats what family holidays are all about,doing things together!I just recently came back off holiday with my 5 children and never would i take a risk like that,we all went out together or not at all!I have never left my children alone and dont actually have a long list of babysitters which means my husband and i have not had an evening out in over 2 years but thats something that will change for us as they grow up and we are happy to wait and just enjoy every minute we have with our most precious gifts!I cannot understand the McCanns taking such a risk and consequently paying such a high price,being their beautiful daughter, for an evening out with friends.Does anyone agree that if a similar situation happened here in the uk that there'd be accusations/charges of neglegance and social services would be called in to seize the 2 other children for their own safety!I cannot offer my support to the McCanns as i dont now nor will i ever understand how careless as parents they could be!Had they all sat down to a meal together in the McCanns apartment that fateful night this sorry sad mess would never have occured.
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