Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Lahaina Traffic and Bypass Construction

Artwork courtesy of Love Peace Happiness

I was excited to read on the back cover of the current issue of Maui Weekly that the citizen sponsored project, the Lahaina ByPass, will begin construction this summer! Wow! What a blessing this is for those who struggle to drive in the West Maui traffic. Click here for a link to the Lahaina ByPass website.

Now if other citizen groups could get traffic solution projects off the ground for the traffic heading into Paia from Kahului and for the talked-about road to be built from South Maui to Upcountry, Maui would be a lot easier to get around.

Maui's traffic jams aren't nearly as bad as Oahu's traffic jams in my opinion, but with so much growth happening all over the island, Maui traffic could eventually grow into such if we don't plan ahead and begin the much needed roadway construction NOW.

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issue has been talked about , now lets get it started :)
colourful, very nice
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