Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I Survived YET Another Trip To Hana

We returned late yesterday from spending several days in Hana and negotiating the approximately 52-mile tricky, curving, oftentimes one-lane road to Hana. This trip usually takes between 2 to 4 hours one way depending upon a number of variables: how fast you drive, traffic, roadwork, and stops along the way to explore the lookouts and state parks. Maui's only coastal rain forest is breathtaking as you wind your way to Hana.

My partner drove over, and I drove back. We wanted to show our house guests the "other" Maui. Hana is charming, serene, and mystical. It's nickname is "Heavenly Hana" because it is so peaceful, laid-back, and full of mana (life force). In many respects, it's like another Maui of 30 years ago where time moves at a slower pace, and everyone always seems a bit sleepy. There is no golf course in Hana--not a single one! The feeling is of a small town, and the combination of the scenic beauty and revitalizing air and weather makes you very relaxed.

We haven't been to Hana in about a year, and to our dismay, we discovered lots of changes! Our first surprise was discovering one of our favorite waterfall pools had been closed down. We had read something about the controversy regarding Blue Pool, yet we didn't know it was actually closed to the public!

The story goes like this: a Maui guide book (I'm not going to mention the name of it!) had published the directions to Blue Pool which then alerted lots of tourists to the location of this incredible waterfall pool, and since the number of visitors increased and crossed the land of an owner to gain access to the pool, there was a lot of ill will towards the spreading of this information from the owners because of liability, etc.

As we drove down the unpaved, country road to Blue Pool with our guests in the back seat, we viewed many "Blue Pool Closed" signs, and I kept telling my partner who was driving...."Stop, and let's turn around." Obviously, the "Closed" signs, and the sign "What part of No Trespassing don't you understand" were serious clues! I finally convinced him, but it wasn't easy as he's a very determined, and some might say a stubborn man!

We were both in a bit of shock as we had clambered over the rocks to Blue Pool for so many years, and now it was closed! Here's a photo from the 'old' days.

Over the next days I will post more about our Hana excursion. I'm still recuperating and recalibrating. As I mentioned earlier, I drove home from Hana to South Maui, and the drive requires a lot of focus, concentration, grace, and fortitude. I'm grateful we arrived home safely and all in one piece--although a piece of my heart always remains in Hana!

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Congrats on a successful trip! After one head-on collision last year, the drive still makes me a little nervous. We had friends who went to the end of the Blue Pool road in January. They were ok, but another car in the lot had two tires deflated. Too bad. It was one of my favorite spots.
Congratulations on your round trip to Hana! It's always a wonderful trip. I don't know if I've been to the Blue Pool (I don't think I've gone that far down a road to another pool when we've been there) but am sorry to hear it's closed to the public. Guess I won't be going to it anytime soon!
Interesting... yep those were the good ole days at the pools
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