Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Elvis Lives On In Hana and Hana Roads

At one time there were many little stands or kiosks lining the road between Hana town and the Seven Sacred Pools. However, this too has changed!

Now there is a shack selling Thai food of all things and not much else except for one or two souvenir stations. One of the places that has remained is the roadside jewelry stand of the woman in the photo above with Elvis, a die-hard Elvis fan. Her brightly painted Elvis 'shrine car' is parked across the narrow road from her jewelry counters which are conveniently located near a beautiful waterfall. Thus, this is a busy, congested place where lots of tourists and tourist vans stop for picture taking and souvenir shopping.

If you thought the road to Hana was hairy-scary, then the road worsens when you head out from Hana town to the Seven Sacred Pools. This is the area which was closed down for awhile after the last big Maui earthquake weakened one of the many bridges. The old bridge was replaced with a shiny new one which we drove across with much trepidation (on my part) for it looked flimsy to me.

I watched near accidents happen several times because someone wanted to go faster and go around the long line of cars which come to a standstill at various one-lane-only places. When they put on the gas and scooted around, they barely avoided a head-on collision! We often read in the newspapers about these head-on collisions on this stretch of road--no doubt due to similar impatient drivers! One needs to be very patient, courteous, and aware on this road.

I also watched a traffic jam on a bridge where no one wanted to move. I wasn't on the bridge, but a car that had been in the lane behind us had darted out and attempted to cross on the one lane bridge when there were already other cars on the bridge. Trouble was---there was no place to get around. Everyone was stuck for there was a deep ravine on one side, the cliff on the other. I tried to back-up because if other cars would back up on my end, then possibly the knot could be untied. The car behind me didn't want to back-up at first, but finally it moved!

After about ten to fifteen minutes, the mess got sorted out, and I was shaking my head in disbelief and relief!

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Wow girlfriend! remember when you and I made the trek to Hana ,way back in 1991? I was one of those crazy drivers who nearly had a "too close for comfort" tangle with a truck on the way back from the pools. I remember we exchanged looks that went something like this," oh my God!" I said ,perhaps you should drive, What a way to start a friendship right?Of course I did not really want you to drive,because I got car-sick and we had to pull over on the beautiful scenic endless drive back to Haiku. Never again said I , only the back way from then on. I have injoyed the look back on Maui memorie lane. rubs and purrs...Basha
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