Thursday, May 17, 2007


Departures and Arrivals

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Yesterday our friend and house guest left, and my partner and I spun into a whirlwind ofactivity to prepare for the next two house guests who are arriving early this evening. They are relatives of my partner, and one of them has never been to Hawaii before. Thus, we are going ALL-OUT to ensure that our Maui hospitality meets his fantasy expectations.

There has been much to do to re-arrange our home to accommodate two people in our guest bedroom which normally functions as my art studio and home gym. My partner is very proud of his roof, and he decided he would make the roof look great. I know most of you may be thinking: the roof? Ours is a special roof, and it gets very dirty when the wind blows. We have a hose connected to a waterline so it can be washed off from time to time. However, yesterday the wind was gusting as it has been so much lately. I advised my partner NOT to wash the roof under these windy conditions, but he didn't listen to me. He's a typical male in this regard....and went right ahead and made a huge muddy mess on our large windows which look out to the ocean. This view is one of the key ingredients in making our living room stunning!

Thus, he panicked, and he tried to find a window-cleaner at the last minute. Since the windows are high, these windows require someone with a tall ladder, etc. Luckily, our handyman came through, and he came and cleaned them today, so once again our view of the ocean is pristine.

I have been doing all the shopping, cleaning, placing, fixing, and organizing. I haven't had much time to blog, and with all the activities my partner has planned for his relatives, I'm going to be a hit-and-run blogger for the next 15 days!

This might be a blessing because I am totally addicted to blogging, and I will be forced to leave the computer and go to places I haven't been in a long time such as a luau. After many years of living on Maui, one tends to avoid luaus like the plague! We'll be doing the road to Hana journey again, the Jacaranda Festival in Kula (maybe), the trip to Lahaina, and all the other tourist-y things.

If I don't have a lot of time to write, at the very least I'll post photos of our excursions with the relatives.

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Don't you love house guests!
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You're so brave to let all your blog readers know that you're welcoming to house guests and live in HAWAII. We're all going to show up on your doorstep! ;)
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